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It's like Spoken Hip-Hop when the words come out of his mouth! Mixing together a collaboration of hip-hop and spoken-word, Preach always elevates the crowd to new levels


Preach was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on
February 15, 1987. Raised my his
grandmother, Diane Neal, along with brother
Anthony Neal, Preach strives to make a better
life for himself and his family.

Preach began writing early in his high school
career as a Spoken Word artist. It wasn't until
he entered Kent State University that he
decided to take his writing to another level and
enter into the hip-hop industry. That is when
he decided to develop Open Eyez
Entertainment; a record label dedicated to
making real Hip-hop music.

Preach claims his musical inspirations to be
artist like, Kanye West, Outkast, Maroon 5, and
Janet Jackson. Artist who dared to step
outside of the norm and do something

Preach feels that his music is much more
than just words on a beat. He believes that his
music is the influence that society needs


Hood, Soul, and Intellect (OEE Mixed CD)