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Hints of Floyd The Who and Pearljam pepper the big sound. Powerfull vocals and meaningfull lyrics compliment the package.
We concentrate on dynamics and most of the songs are about people or life in general. Most folk can relate to our lyrics.
We love playing live. Can't imagine life without music!


Preacher are an Ayrshire based original melodic rock band that formed in 2007.
"I came to Ayrshire and I heard Ayrshire rock! It was brilliant and I absolutely loved it"(Greg Kane. Hue And Cry)

"Hints of mid era The Who, The Stranglers and Pearl Jam pepper a big sound"(King Tuts)

"Preacher were the surprise band of the night. Hailing from Ayr,these five rockers were absolutely brilliant. Martin Murphy has a tremendous voice and certainly knows how to work a crowd .
I was also very impressed by Shug Gibson on guitar and Davy Johnston on bass. I believe these guys have only been together as Preacher-Rock-Band for a relatively short time but they are all seasoned musicians and it certainly showed on the night.
If you get the chance to catch these guys play live then I can only recommend that you do so"(Allan Bannerman - Powerplay Magazine)

"Impressed from beginning to end" (Observer)

"Preacher started the evening in good stead with a tight set of blues-tinged progressive rock. Impressing as much with their songs as with their delivery, this Ayrshire quintet clearly know the game well. Fine melodies and confidence make for a likeable performance, after all. On a different note, saying “I’m off to see Preacher” sounds good to Christians. Little do they know, huh?"(Peter McGee - Bluesbunny Independant Music Reviews)

“Where have this band been!" (Daily Record)

Ah! at last, some old heads with young hearts going somewhere. PREACHER rock band comprising of five experienced musicians with complimenting qualities- hopefully a great formula for success. Arnold Burgoyne – Keyboards Ex Echo and the Bunnymen Shug Gibson Lead guitar and backing vocals Ex Peat Loaf and Jeopardy Martin Murphy Vocals, Rhythm Guitar and songwriter Ex Slipstream Neil Sweetland-Bass guitar P Jay –Drums and percussion.

Preacher formed in 2007 and have been gigging for several years. We have built up a considerable fan base and have played to sell out crowds several times at the likes of King Tuts, The Glasgow 02 and other well known Scottish venues. Our music is timeless with touches of Pearl Jam, The Stranglers and The Who peppering the big sound. We spend a lot of time working on dynamics and we have had great feedback from audiences ranging from 16 to 50 years old and beyond.

To date the band have enough live original material for several hours and are selective about what set they play to satisfy the age of the audience and also the venue. We are currently recording our first album with the help of Jim Prime Decon Blue on production and are also recording a song with blues legend Arthur Louis which Frankie Miller wrote for him. Melodious rock with a lot of feel and meaning is what we are trying to achieve and with five good ears in the studio the album in progress is developing into something great! Our album is due for release early 2011 The band are always offered repeat gigs so we must be doing something right. We are writing new music more quickly than we can record at the moment and hope to take a couple of months off later in the year to complete our album.


I Will Be There

Written By: Martin Murphy

When I wake up in the morning
I know the world is there
Clouds break the sun is shining
Wind blowing through your hair
Your smile is there to guide me
Perfume in the air

Stay with me forever
Stay with me forever
and i,ll be there

A threat sometimes comes knocking
Knocking on my door
and will power keep you
Keep you safe on shore
or will you sail on out and leave me
A ship that,s gone forever

Stay with me forever
Stay close to me forever
Stay with me forever
and i,ll be there

Your love lies deep and tender
tender to the core
these cherry lips that kiss me
and nail me to the floor

or will you sail on out and leave me
a ship that,s gone forever and ever ever

Stay with me forever
stay close to me forever
stay with me forever
and i,ll be there
and i,ll be there


Written By: Martin Murphy

It affects us every day
How we work and how we play
What we do and what we say

Shrug the critics and do it right
reaching to a higher height
Move along with every whim
Touching within

Forget the words reach out nad touch
Youch the things that mean so much
All rewards will come in time
Then you will feel fine

So sail, sail into the night
Sail, I hope your dreams are right

So listen to what I have to say
Its gonna happen anyway
your in control that all I say
Of your Destiny

RPT chorus Sail ----


Written By: Martin Murphy

Listen, I've got something to tell you
and it's very important

There's a message, i'm receiving, from a distance
and its very important

it's coming in from another world, to be passed on to everyone.

ooooh oooh etc

Signals in the night sky from the stars, or maybe from the planets.

Is there someone really out there, tryin to find us,
Do you think they might manage.

All you can do is keep your hopes alive,
there must be something else in this life, in this life.

OOOh ooooh etc

are there people from the past calling down here, from another dimension.

Tryin to seek us and reach us and teach us a very good lesson

Ally you can do is keep your hopes alive,
there must be something else in this life in this life

oooh ooooh ooooh rpt

In this life this li li li life rpt


10 tracks on

New live video shot in November due out in May

New album release in Aug2011

Set List

Sets vary fron 45mins to 1hr 45 mins depending on venue requirements.

All original music.