Quincy, Massachusetts, USA

Fast, Raw and Loud! Everything punk should be with a bit of thrash and ska thrown in for the kids.


Preachers617 was born out of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene. After 2 years of running all ages D.I.Y. shows at their church's basement in south boston, lead singer "Punk Rock" Pat Cisterna and guitarist "Metal" Mike Majorowski decided to get serious with their own band. After frequent line-up changes and many years of one-off shows in and around the city, Preachers617 is primed and ready to bleed ears, change minds and win the favor to speak into someones life what Jesus the Christ has done in ours on a one on one basis after the show. With the addition of bass man Jay "Rex Hartman" Cavalaro and drummer Ethan "Wolfman" Morse we are set to do just that. The heart of the music is a love of cool riffs, speed, sing a-longs and big pits. As a punk band we are an oddity due to the subtle technicality of our songs.


The Cure EP (5 songs are on the website)

Set List

(in no particular order, about 30-40 minutes):

1. Humany Rules
2. Oi Song
3. Natural Born Sinners
4. Back in the Days
5. The Cure
6. Pray for Boston
7. Hate Speech
8. Prayer
9. Jesus
10. I'll Fly Away (hymn cover, public domain)
11. Hope