Preachers Son

Preachers Son

 Dublin, Leinster, IRL

Preachers Son.. brainchild of Dubliner Brian Hogan. Grit-glam, blues-tinged, swamp-rock, dripping with drama and raw musicality, Preachers Son are sure to get your mojo working...


Preachers Son is the brainchild of Dubliner Brian Hogan. Grit-glam, blues tinged, swamp-rock featuring powerful vocals, slammin’ guitars and a driving rhythm section. Debut album ‘Love Life & Limb’, mixed by Dave Bascombe (Placebo, Korn, Depeche Mode) in Metropolis studios in London was released late 2010. In 2012 Preachers Son released single ‘Come On’ produced and recorded by three-time Grammy Award winner Marc Urselli (Les Paul, Lou Reed) and to date Irish and UK radio play includes BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, Kerrang, Q, RTÉ 1, RTÉ 2, Nova and 98 FM amongst others.

Live onstage with a take-no-prisoners energy Preachers Son are sure to get your mojo working and have have played extensively in Ireland and internationally in the UK, Italy, Canada and the USA. Preachers Son are currently busy finishing their second album ‘10 Stories Tall’ in Swing House Studios LA working with Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, James Blunt).

"A terrific, sub-three minute rocker with no let-up from beginning to end and a take-no-prisoners vocal performance from Brian Hogan, ‘Come On’ sounds like the result of a three-way collaboration between Jack White, the late Phil Lynott and (I’m not kidding here) ‘70s glamsters, The Sweet." Hot Press

“These kind of mammoth guitar riffs are one of this record's finest achievements, paying homage to old school blues and rock n roll without a hint of irony... ”

"Sonically brilliant and blessed with fantastic musicianship." The Star

“The unbridled passion that is found in Brian’s voice is a trait that a lot of today’s music makers have lost...” The @rcade

Brian Hogan
Brian has been playing guitar since the age of ten. At present he is chief bass-man with Kíla, with whom he co-composes and travels the world. Notable highlights of his musical career include Glastonbury Festival, Reading, Cambridge Folk Festival, the Electric Picnic (Ireland), Womad Festivals worldwide and the Montreaux Jazz Festival. In 2008 Brian with Kila, highly regarded as Ireland’s most innovative contemporary folk and new world artists, shared a number-one-hit alongside U2 and The Dubliners (The Ballad Of Ronnie Drew) and in 2010 an Oscar nomination for animated feature ‘The Secret of Kells’. Brian has enjoyed playing with many other talented artists including George Hamilton IV, Bono, U2, Ronnie Wood, Sinéad O Connor, Gavin Friday, The Dubliners, Paul Brady, Donal Lunny, Liam O Maonlaoí and Glenn Hansard. 2010 Brian launched his solo project Preachers Son, the name referring to his father Larry Hogan who spent his life singing and preaching the message of the Gospel before he died in 1998.


Sophie's Song

Written By: Brian Hogan

So far
Everything I have is what you are
So good
To be
You on the road with me

So fine
The world is yours to find
With she
And me
Show you what is possible to be

So what
To do
When everything don't quite work out for you
Stay close
To me

You're everything
All that's without and within
My song
I sing
Love and Life and Limb

So where to go
when there's something going on that you don't know
Stay close
With me

So how
Do we
Help you to become what you're meant to be
I'll stay close
To you

So fine
All that I wanted is mine

Heaven For the Moment

Written By: Brian Hogan

Now what do we deserve
A little piece of earth
Climbing up the stairs to heaven
Or hell
Joey takes his time
But his peace of mind
Staring down the isles of heaven
Or hell
Got a little piece of earth
Beneath my nail
Send me up the deeds when you're leaving
Or sell
When I think of all the time I've wasted
The high ideals for the few
If to only take a hand
And lean upon a grain of sand
That's new
I take a note of it all
Our rise and fall
And step all over you while you're bleeding
In hell
'Cos the less
The better

This Time Of Life

Written By: Brian Hogan

I can't believe I'm at the moment
I'm living like a pussycat
I look around and see the danger
Oh I gotta hear myself
Oh you gotta help me out here
I gotta pull beneath my brain
Coz my belly full but I am hungry
Believe me, that I am sane
But oh
At this time of life
I cannot see what's coming for me
Over my mind, it's like a wind is forming
Oh oh
Different jibe, slip and a slide
Around the forum
Keeping my stride, I'm alive
Oh oh
I can't believe what I'm seeing
Who's that sitting over there
Is that the one the one who loved me
Remember the one who made me care
And I gotta bite the bullet
No-one can except myself
If I can only bite the bullet
Then I must accept my self
But oh
People could see me talking shite upon the mountain
Blessed the ones who do not care
Just look in the eyes of those who've gone and lost their passion
They are the ones who did not dare
People will see me talking shite upon the mountain
Blessed the ones who stop and stare
Just look in the eyes of those who've gone and lost the passion
They are the ones who did not dare


Single "X For Sandra" released April 16th 2012
Album "Love Life & Limb" released October 2010
Single This Time of Life released May 6th 2011
Single Come On released April 13th 2012
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Set List

This Time of Life
X For Sandra
26 Years
Heaven For the Moment
Lost My Faith
Born Another time
Should Have Been Gone
Book Of Love
Like Lead
Baby Teething
Come On
Missing You
No Way Soldier
Sophie's Song
Weeping World

Ace of Spades
Barrel of a Gun
Folsom Prison Blues
Son of a Preacher Man