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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"They (Rock) the People"

Every once in a while a band comes along that is considered the “voice of a generation”. They promote certain ideas, morals and principles that the youth can congregate behind to give the dinosaur generations a collective middle finger. They attack the old method of doing things and strive, often to no avail, to recreate the world in their own image. A new genre might pop up and spawn hundreds of impostors trying to cash in on the sound. The band will be skyrocketed into superstardom and either fade away in time for the next band to rise up, or crash in a hot mess on the dance floor. When that band comes around, please let me know. Instead — I’m here to talk about a group of merry pranksters calling themselves Preamble.
Hailing from the rocktacular suburbs of Boston, these boys know how to do two things: rock and roll. I should preface that with: this band has no affiliation with the Constitution of the United States or Schoolhouse Rock. Comprised of singer/guitarist Josh Cassie, bassist and vocalist Jay Provost and drummer extraordinaire Pete Fernandez, I don’t think the founding fathers would approve of their lyrical content.
Opening their shows with a loud version of the actual Preamble, it is not uncommon to hear songs about getting drunk and cruising through a girl’s lingerie drawer. Is that creepy? I didn’t think so either. Taking their musical cues from Toadies, the tongue- in-cheek humor of Blink-182, with the wit and word play of Piebald, Preamble crafts songs with catchy riffs and singalong choruses to produce a recipe for an entertaining evening.
They also have a bizarre need to cover television theme songs in concert, for example: Full House, Reading Rainbow, Denver the Last Dinosaur and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few. If you need more convincing, I suggest patronizing their website to hear some tunes and check them out at an upcoming gig. As their motto states: “We (rock) the people” and they aim to please. - John Frazzetta at


Greatest EP in the World Ever



Preamble came to form because one guy knew a guy and another one married his sister.

Preamble plays music that is rockin' and fun. They have two goals for every performance. 1- Everyone has a good time and a few laughs. 2- No socks remain on any feet. (You know, cause of the rock.)

Preamble Rocks hard, smells good and never shakes babies.

Preamble is primarily influenced by the sultry sounds of the 1990s. Other influences include pretty girls and money.