Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Fun. Rock. Music.
Preamble rocks your face and has a good time doing it.


Preamble came to form because one guy knew a guy and another one married his sister.

Preamble plays music that is rockin' and fun. They have two goals for every performance. 1- Everyone has a good time and a few laughs. 2- No socks remain on any feet. (You know, cause of the rock.)

Preamble Rocks hard, smells good and never shakes babies.

Preamble is primarily influenced by the sultry sounds of the 1990s. Other influences include pretty girls and money.


Greatest EP in the World Ever

Set List

The Preamble
Masturbation Litigation
The End of You
Reading Rainbow
Your Shoe's Untied
Panty Handed
I Want To Touch You (Inappropriately)
Denver the Last Dinosaur
Talkin' 'Bout Love
It's a Woman Not a Plaything
Full House
Juicy Fruit
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Shopper's Cafe
The Greatest Song In The World Ever