Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1995 | INDIE

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1995
Solo Electronic Experimental




"Precenphix :: Off-Axis (Not Yet Remembered)"

Hinting at industrial, glitch, IDM, clicks, and disjointed cuts wrapped around technoid structures, it’s so jam-packed, that it’s a challenge to unfold each layer; this is a good thing. - Igloo Magazine

"Fall Music Preview ~ Electronic"

Precenphix also draws on industrial music, including elements of dark ambience and IDM. Off Axis refers not only to the off-kilter beats, but to the dislodging of the soul under stress. - A Closer Listen

"Bandcamp New and Notable"

The Winter LP by precenphix

The latest from precenphix kicks out spiky shards of fractured industrialand EBM, riding a line between glitch and goth. - Bandcamp

"2021 Winter Music Preview ~ Electronic"

The Harder Stuff

The Winter LP from precenphix is billed as “a soundtrack for being shut in.” Industrial-strength stormers are balanced by ambient interludes, like the calms between storms (Not Yet Remembered, January 15). - A Closer Listen

"Bandcamp Recomendation for 'False Season' from artist Blinkhorn"

precenphix brings the IDM heat in the cold of winter with False Season. A strong release front cover to cover, I'm looking out for the next one from precenphix. Bravo, sir! Favorite track: thaw. - Bandcamp

"v/a: Hyperextension: A Not Yet Remembered Records Compilation"

precenphix’s “Prazosin House Lip” is a more bubbling acid techno track, until it switches to more crunchy, bristling beats. - The Answer Is In The Beat

"The Weathered Path Press Release"

The latest release from Car Crash Set is a deep dive into the precision sound design of Precenphix with the widely varied ten track extended EP titled "The Weathered Path". The tense "Between" sets our course leading to the cold outer expanse of "Graden". Resculpted broken beats and a gnarled lead set "Sent To Coventry"'s post-EBM lurch. "Guilles De La", "Calder", "Thujone", and "Induction" offer divergent views on Precenphix's dense atmospherics. "Methohexital" plows into full on IDM territory, skittering drums convulse in a hall of mirrors. "Respite" closes the release with a crushed downtempo breakbeat. Included on this EP is the 14 minute "Autumnal", originally released in 2015, a cycle piece whose angular rhythm pivots on howling synths and pillars of mist. Mastered by Steven Wolfe. Photography by Joan Kocak. - Car Crash Set via Bandcamp

"Precenphix - Off-Axis"

I can say that Precenphix is a proficient IDM producer, and "Off-Axis" is a good example of that. - Brutal Resonance

"Off-Axis Review"

Precenphix's studio ingenuity, combining dark techno with industrial post-punk in a manner that is both modern and distinctly nostalgic. - I Thought I Heard a Sound

"Off-Axis Review"

The atmosphere of this album is haunting, menacing and confusing...but within the walls of these demented dreamscapes are fleeting moments of melancholic beauty and peaceful serenity. The best way to enjoy music like this is just to surrender yourself completely to its complex and alluring flow. - Fog Songs



Precenphix (pronounced PRE-ken-Fix) is Ben Rabenold; a classically trained pianist turned electronic experimentalist. First making a splash when online music sites like Audiogalaxy, and Zebox were in their infancy, Rabenold took a long break before co-founding Not Yet Remembered Records with friend and partner Will Creason in 2020. Precenphix began producing music again when the now defunct social networking app Vine was at its peak in the early 2010's and has continued to record for his own label since its 2020 inception. Working primarily in electronics, Precenphix's music ranges from experimental pieces to melodic IDM, industrial and ambient.

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