Precious Bones

Precious Bones


Precious Bones are a resurgence of old school 60's rock n roll mixed with a fusion of funk, classic rock, alternative and new wave elements. With powerful lyrics and melodies and hooky rhythms, the band will leave you humming their tunes long after the song is over.


Started in February of 2012, Precious Bones was formed by bassist Guy Tetro who enlisted vocalist/guitarist Antoine Poncelet, Tetro's brother Ray Tetro on lead guitar, and drummer Nat Pongpanic. Later, guitarist Mike Mideaker and Poncelet's sister Alexandra Poncelet Del Sole was added as backup vocals. The band members all came from different musical influences. Guy Tetro was influenced by post-punk like Joy Divison and the Smiths as well as surf and 60's rock like the Ventures and The Sonics. Antoine Poncelet was influenced heavily by David Bowie and The New York Dolls. Ray Tetro was influenced by Tool and Pink Floyd. Mike Mideaker was influenced by heavy metal bands like Metallica and Black Sabbath. Nat Pongpanich was influenced by bands like She and Him and Metric. Alexandra Poncelet Del Sole by Blondie and No Doubt.


Digital Darkness Compilation Vol 1, Track 8: "Hearts Are Heavy"

Digital Darkness Compilation Vol 2 Disc 3 Track 8: "Nothing"

Fracture EP - Precious Bones 2012

Set List

1. Watch Over Me
2. Stay
3. Nothing
4. Hearts Are Heavy
5. Closer To You
6. Goodtimes
7. End of the End
8. All She Wants
9. This Is It
10. You're The Only One
11. Mysterio