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The best kept secret in music


"Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Zdenka Now! a quirky combination of comedy and compassion"

You’ve got to love a comedian who can quote Leonard Cohen and make it stick: “There is a crack, a crack in everything/That’s how the light gets in.” The irrepressible title character in Precious Chong’s solo show, who proudly bills herself as a former Yugoslavian television personality and current background performer, introduces us to other characters who are also simultaneously damaged and beautiful. Some portraits are more successful than others: the story about the young bride whose husband suffers a brain injury is achingly simple, while the rant delivered by the harried GM saleswoman is predictable. Presented on a too-small screen, the intervening video sequences shoot blanks. Overall, though, Zdenka’s quirky combination of comedy and compassion is charming. -

"Mom's The Word"

Forget about flowers or chocolates. If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day prezzie that’ll put a smile on her face this weekend, give her a PUSH.

That’s the name of the sketch show created by five of the funniest women in the city. It came out of their own experiences of motherhood, so there’s plenty of relatable material: parents who change their kid’s diaper in front of everyone; moms who forget how to talk to adults because they’re used to babblespeak; and multi-tasking women who are tired of breastfeeding and... hey, I don’t want to give away the joke.

“We embellish things and take them to the next level,” says Fiona Carver, “but we’ve lived through them all.”

In fact, the four performers, who developed the show with director Linda Kash, are surprised there isn’t more comedy out there directed at mothers.

“Moms generally decide where they spend the family money, what shows and movies they’re going to see,” says Erin Keaney, from the CTV sketch series Comedy Inc. Keaney came up with the idea for collaborating after hanging out with twins Fiona and Sarah Carver and their collective broods at a community centre in the east end.

“There are a lot of educated, sassy and savvy mothers out there,” says Sarah, who with her sister was in the all-female troupe the Atomic Fireballs. “Motherhood is a scramble, and it’s good to see others scramble, too.”

Some of their best sketches can – excuse the pun – push the boundaries of genteel taste. One involves poo and a baguette, while the show’s high-energy musical closer – a hit wherever they perform it – takes the term “muffin top” to a new level.

Audiences tend to be 65 to 70 per cent women, they point out, but men are getting in on the laughs, too.

“Guys are more involved in parenting now,” says Precious Chong, whose solo sketch show Zdenka Now! was a Fringe hit several years ago.

“The whole ‘I don’t do diapers’ attitude doesn’t exist any more,” says Fiona Carver.

“Yup,” adds Keaney. “Now they know about breast bumps, chapped nipples, butt cream.”

“Butt cream?” says Sarah Carver. “Hey, speak for yourself.”  - Now Magazine

"5 minutes with Precious Chong"

Precious Chong, the daughter of marijuana icon Tommy Chong – of Cheech and Chong fame – is taking her Yugoslavian alter ego to the Vancouver International Fringe Festival stage this weekend for a new kind of cable access show, Zdenka Now!

Why take part in the festival?

I didn’t get into the Vancouver Fringe last year, but I did my show at the Toronto Fringe and the Winnipeg Fringe the year before. A lot of my family is in Vancouver and my parents have a house up here, so I wanted to do it on the West Coast so they could see it.

Why should people watch Zdenka Now!?

It’s funny and weird and entertaining. I based my five characters on people I’ve met in my day-to-day life in Toronto. Zdenka is a real person. She’s a former Yugoslavian talk show host and she calls herself the Yugoslavian Oprah. When I met her she was a background performer on a Scotiabank commercial I did and I was like, who is this lady? She saw the show at the Toronto Fringe and she really liked it, thank God!

What’s your relationship like with your famous dad?

We’re pretty close now. Ever since I started writing and performing, we’ve found that common ground to bond. When he went to jail, ironically enough, that bonded us more because I wrote him a lot of letters and he really liked getting them. I was influenced by my dad’s performances but also went against it because I didn’t want to be like my dad. I wanted to be different.

5 minutes with: Dave Merheje
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5 minutes with: Sanjay Burman
Did he ever tell you not to smoke up?

He fully encouraged it! I was the boring straight girl, and my brothers were way more into it than I was, but I did get stoned with my dad once during university and he was so happy!

What’s something people don’t know about you?

I’m a stilt walker. I used to be in a group called Girls On Stilts. I’ve performed with Jane’s Addiction at the Hollywood Bowl and all my best friends are in the troupe. After Fringe I’ll be doing a role as a circus performer in the HBO Canada series Living In Your Car and you’ll see me on stilts for sure - Metro

"Comedy event features Precious Chong"

Precious. Precious Chong, daughter of Tommy Chong, will be featured in a comedy event at The Pickled Onion on Dec. 7. Photo by Shawn MacPherson
Local comedian and entertainment producer Neil “Hawk” Griffin will feature an all-female comedy show this Friday, Dec. 7 featuring Precious Chong, daughter of Tommy Chong.
The event, titled Crack Me Up Comedy’s All Girl Show, also brings in comedian Sandra Battaglini as the headliner and is hosted by Katharine Ferns.
“She’s one of the funniest female comics out of Toronto,” said Griffin, who has been producing comedy shows locally for more than a year.
Also lined up to dole out some laughs are Megan Myke and Chris MacLean.
The show takes place at 9 p.m. at The Pickled Onion, located at 5 McMurchy Ave. N. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door. VIP tickets, for $17, include a pre-ordered meal.
Precious Chong will be taking pictures with fans and signing autographs prior to the show, from 7:30 to 8 p.m. at the Wee Smoke Shop on Main Street.
The event is sponsored by Brampton business, Burrito Boyz.
For more, email Griffin at or visit - Brampton Guardian


Still working on that hot first release.



Precious Chong has been doing stand-up in Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles at Yuk Yuk’s, What’s Up Tiger Lily, The Comedy Store and pretty much anywhere else she can get some stage time and child care. She just finished working on “A Many Splintered Thing” starring Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan. Other film and t.v. credits include Christie on HBO Canada’s Living in Your Car, Flashpoint, Against the Wall, Amelia, LA Confidential, and Pearl Harbor.

Precious has written a television show based on her odd life called Single Mom, which was optioned by Insight Entertainment. She has also written and performed several solo shows, “Zdenka Now!” (Pick of the Fringe, Best Performance) and “The Porcelain Penelope Show” which premiered at Women Center Stage Festival in New York.

She writes a weekly column about her unusual co-parenting situation for and has appeared regularly on CBC’s DNTO.

Her dad is counter culture icon, Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong.

She also walks on stilts.