Precise  aka bob young

Precise aka bob young

 Staten Island, New York, USA
SoloHip Hop

Classically Modern hip hop vibe artist focused on life experience, Mature insight,and life lessons over heavy melodic hard hitting production with impeccable lyrical delivery. Definitely "Street" yet with a perspective that stirs the mind of young and more mature listeners easily accepted by the young and nostalgically pleasing to more seasoned Rap fans, armed with this winning combination, crazy production and lyrics that even the the greats couldn't front on, be on the lookfor Precise bobyoung


It would seem presently in hip hop the quote “The total package” is a rare find. The right combination of mic skills, delivery, witticisms, and storytelling we end up making a trade off in some way or another until now. J&R; Entertainment presents Precise aka Bob young, that rare find and right combination we find missing in today’s artist. From Staten Island New York the home that brought the Wu Tang, King just and the Shaolin soldiers, spent years underground recording and performing with partner Corey Red.With a successful album, Resistance Is Futile and numerous mixtape appearances, Precise comes back with a solo project, connecting himself with true Hip Hop fans.Precise aka Bob Young is bringing what young artist of today call Old School hip hop. How Precise explains, “l’m just bringing some classic skills that is missing from main stream hip hop”. If asked what type of artist is Precise he will kindly say, “I’m classically modern”.Fans of Hip Hop will appreciate the artistry for the music relates to fans of all ages and demographics. With production compliments of Brooklyn native Uncle Jam and legendary producer Domingo of Domingo Beats, J&R; Entertainment’s Precise aka Bob Young is ready to bring you into his world of Hip Hop and won’t disappoint.


resistance iz futile, HIS STORY my shoes