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Smooth delivery, raw and uncut, lyrical giant, southern street, deep down dirty south crunk.Da lyrical underground undertaker. A cross between Master P and Eminem.


Rapper,producer,writer and lyrical giant,Precise does it with a style of his own that you just can't deny.Precise has been putting it down for 12 years,but it wasn't until a very unfortunate turn of events that he took his life and rap serious.

When Precise was sent to the penitentiary in 1999,it was
there that he found rap,but most importantly he found God and his self. While serving his sentence,Precise had all the time he needed to master his craft and natural God given talent: Rap!

Much of his time was spent writing and freestying and mastering a style of his own that set him miles apart from other artist.

Now residing in the A-Town (Atlanta,Ga),Precise is originally from No-town(New Orlans).His personal message
is its not about where your from, its all about where your
going. Put God first in you will always win in the end.

Precise and the Nu South family
would like to thank you for all
your support and may God bless you.


Down South, Sittin on Crome, Dirty Game

Set List

We do about 3songs. each song is about 4minutes in length, with a intro thats about 45seconds, bUt if needed we are setup to extend our show to any amount of time needed.