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Washington, Washington DC, United States

Washington, Washington DC, United States
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""Hip Hop Artist PreCise (@PreCiseTMG) Is Creating Order Out Of Chaos On New Album""

Have you ever wondered how almost every action you take can alter the direction of your life? Did your decision to take public transportation to work today instead of driving prevent a car crash from happening? Did choosing not to go to your friend’s party cost you the chance of meeting the love of your life?

Even the most minute choices we make can create infinite unknown possibilities. Your decision to read this very article may produce some unpredictable result that sets your future on a certain path. It’s this complex, yet fascinating concept that serves as the inspiration for Hip Hop artist PreCise’s upcoming project The Chaos Theory.

For his first official album, the Illinois bred emcee is taking a slight detour from the presentations of his earlier mixtapes A Dream Deferred and Streetlights @ Noon. The tracks on The Chaos Theory will present a new soundscape for PreCise as he challenges his audience to open their minds and reflect on the numerous chaotic avenues we all take every single day. - DZI: The Voice


A Dream Deferred (2011)
Streetlights @ Noon (2013)
The Chaos Theory (2014)


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The Hip-Hop Artist PreCise, legally known as Kendall Taylor, was born on March 18, 1991 in Chicago, IL. At a very young age, his interest in music became very prominent. His words reflected his perspective on the world and the way that he saw it. Always noted as an intelligent and advanced individual by his teachers in school, it came as no surprise to his peers that he could formulate words lyrically to express vivid emotions. His presence in music was not only felt through a notebook, but also through his percussion talents. As a member of the drum line in high school, Taylor began to explore and understand the influence of beats in music. Upon his entrance into Howard University, Taylor began attending many open mic events under the stage name PreCise. Two years later in the summer of 2011, PreCise decided that it was time to create his first project entitled, "A Dream Deferred." This project was a reflection of the longevity it took to establish his first work. The mixtape was a 19 track soulful masterpiece that encompassed all of the tribulations, victories and obstacles it took before he reached a certain stage in his life. Now a Howard alum, PreCise is fully prepared and excited to continue his journey as a music artist following the release of his second project, "Streetlights @ Noon." His first anticipated studio album, "The Chaos Theory" is slated to place him in a line-up of talented young artists and rectify his dedication with the recognition and attention that he has earned.

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