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Set "The Tone", "Sippin'", "Swag On Tilt", "She Love The Way I'm Actin'"(all available on iTunes)



With so many new artists emerging today in the hip-hop industry, a steady successful rap career might seem intimidating to some, but intimidation is only a word to James “Precizion” Drummond.

Raised in a household torn by poverty, a mother addicted to drugs, and a father absent for a majority of his childhood years, music soon became his only escape from this harsh reality. A victim of gun violence, his mother was killed when he was eleven years old. Precise began to use rhythm and poetry (R.A.P.) to express his feelings about the tragic events in his life. With pages full of raw emotion, he found that channeling this rage into a positive outlet would be the key to accomplishing anything he dreamed. Expressing his innermost thoughts to others in a way never conceived, he began creating music in his spare time. By the age of 18 it had become his main focus.

After graduating from high school, he made an attempt to go to college. Having to work full time he was unable to focus and give his all to furthering his education and academically performing the way he had hoped. While working full time he continued on his path to a promising music career. Since creating music came so natural to him, he was up for the challenge. Still holding down a regular 9 to 5, Precizion represents the average working man. The only difference may be that even while taking advantage of the opportunities provided to him in his current career, he refuses to lose sight of his dream. Every experience in his life contributes to his inspiration for music.

Precizion began and ended his underground career as a rapper in 2000. A reunion with his childhood friend “The Legendary Javsta” in 2002 sparked a new flame for his rap career. The duo organized a group of artists, known as P.L.A.N. B., whose unique sound would reach out to true hip-hop fans and display a new standard for the genre. After numerous failed attempts for recording deals, Precizion launched his own label in 2004, Throwedville Entertainment in an effort to make P.L.A.N. B. a legitimate entertainment entity. He eventually came to the realization that not all artists share the same vision and decided to go solo.

After 2 – 3 years of producing mix tapes and performing in rap groups, Precizion created his first solo album. Set “The Tone” was released in 2006 on his independent label. Scammed by his promoter, the album did not do as well as he planned. Caught up in poor budget management and false promotion Set “The Tone” was only able to be distributed digitally for download. There was only one place to go after the disappointment from his first album….back to the drawing board. Currently working with new producers, new flavor, a brand new sound, and in control of his own promotion, Precizion plans to have his new album in stores in 2010 with an overall goal to be signed by a major record label. In the words of Precizion, he is “Not in it for the money, if he was he would’ve quit a long time ago.” Instead, it is his passion for music and desire of becoming a successful music artist that keeps him striving for his dream.

Today, Precizion is the centerpiece of his family. In the absence of his parents, he has become the support system that holds everyone together. Not only does he try to set a good example and lead his two brothers in the right direction, but he has also become a mentor for his younger nephew. Known as “Mister Thomas aka Yung Precise” his nephew has been exposed to the art of hip-hop at an early age. Whether it is through teaching him the engineering aspects of creating music or helping him write his lyrics, Precizion’s overall accomplishment has been showing his nephew that he can be anything he wants to be along with the importance of following his dreams. As a role model, he has become a positive influence for his family and by pursuing his own dreams he has set an exceptional example for them all. James has applied his precise standard for life to his music and will continue to strive for excellence. He wants to inspire people all over the world to keep their standards high and never give up on their dreams. Once he has touched the hearts of people all over the world, he plans to have his nephew “Mister Thomas aka Yung Precise” carry the torch.