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From the day he was conceived the Devil’s has been trying to take the very life out of this young man. His mother contracted tumors during her pregnancy and the doctors gave her 2 choices, have an abortion or die. Refusing to accept their decision she chose to chance her life and stand on God. In order for her to live she could not walk for nine months. Through her sacrifice of giving up more that half a year of walking was born a new enemy of Satan. At a young age it was certain that this young man loved music. He traveled across state singing with his parents gospel group “The Gaskins Singers.” Time and time again the enemy tried to kill him as a youngster, but God brought him through it all. From fatal car crashes to being hit by a car there was obviously a reason the Devil was trying to take him out. As a teenager he fell into the influences of peers and started leading a life of drinking and drugs. Going away from his roots and teaching of his parents, he began to get further and further out into the world. He began hanging with the wrong crowd, clubbing, and robbing, stealing, sealing drugs. Addicted to sex, money, alcohol, and drugs, it seems his life was going down the drain. He always wondered why he could never do wrong without it always going wrong or getting caught. It was the prayers of his mother and the saints that keep him out the gutters and jail. He received a rude awakening after his girlfriends friend was gunned down by the police. It was at the funeral that his mind finally clicked that life was serious and that could have been him. The next day Halloween night he obeyed the call of God and gave his life to the lord. Every since that day he has been running the race to be closer to God. God re-anointed the gifts that he had with music. That’s when God gave him the vision for keeping his street name of Predator. “The Devil is roaming the earth looking for people whom he can devour. I made up in my mind that I wasn’t going to allow the enemy to prey upon me anymore. That I was going to become the Predator hunting down saints for the kingdom of God, and hunting down and destroying the yoke’s the devil has of God’s people.” With a true vision to let God use him he has been going forth to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations through the ministry of music. “Try Jesus he’ll never fail”