Yonkers, New York, USA
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"I Love Rap So Much I Wouldnt Trade It For A Pair Of Legs"


“I’m more then just a man with crutches.” I’m just a man that happens to be on crutches.
I’m not like any and every rapper. The world is filled with drugs, sex, violence & gangs. We already know about the problem. Preech is the solution!! I can sit here all day and tell you I should have been signed, but if you listen to the music you would feel the same way. We have all done stupid things in our life, but if you are a CEO, RECORD EXECUTIVE, A&R, DJ, PRODUCER or PROMOTER and you are reading this, don’t make this be the biggest thing you ever regret by not dealing with me. The system we call the Industry wants me to down grade my talent. SORRY I have more to say then what type of car I’m driving, how long my chain is, what type of rims I’m sitting on, or how many girls I can get. I am what music should be and that is REAL.

Ever so often an artist emerges with such skills, diversity, and lyrical abilities that can captivate everyone & anyone who hears him. In the past it was Rakim, Krs-One, Lord Finesse, & Big Daddy Kane. In the 90’s you had the likes of Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Big Pun & Jay Z. Presently you have Talib, Common, Eminem, & in this class you have to add Preech. It’s obvious when you see or hear the name Preech the assumption is, man of the cloth, bible, Koran, scroll, and a congregation. Please!! Don’t get it twisted!! Preech’s congregation is anyone he encounters or has heard his music.

Born in Haiti, raised in Yonkers, Preech came to the US to receive treatment for his legs. Preech had polio at a young age. Knowing that he would never kick the winning field goal in the Super Bowl, never take the last shot in the NBA finals, or hit a home run in the World Series. Preech made music his sport. Several years ago a group of producers that go by the name of the Flynstonez took an interest in Preech after seeing him at a show. Still making a name for himself Preech traveled from New York to Cali, Ohio to Florida, Japan to Canada, VA and back doing shows and building his fan base.

In 2003 Being the first artist out of Bedroc Records an Independent label out of Mt Vernon, New York they released “My Reality” a classic album some have said. Preech has worked with many producers such as; Flynstonez Production, D.R. Period, Young Lord, Shok, Wyclef, Kwame, Twinz NY & AD Production. In 2005 Preech found himself in th world of Fight Klub an underground battle scene where two mcee’s step up to the table but only one man will leave a winner. Preech was a member of the Elite Team. Preech is unpredictable, as hard as he comes across lyrically, his dialogue is curse free.

Preech has never allowed the crutches to hold him down or back. Preech believes that everyone in life has a crutch, his is just physically noticeable. Though being judged like most books before it was read, Preech refuses to allow that to hinder him in any for or fashion. Now you can find Preech running his own Entertainment Company 2 Tha Point Entertainment realizing the only way to get to the top is to get 2 Tha Point!! Preech is currently working on several projects to be released for a record and/or publishing deal. Preech is also writing for sever up & coming r&b and rap artist.


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Krip Hop Volume One*
Krip Hop Volume Two*
The Movement*
The Future Of Rap Feat. DMX
Dont Let the Crutches Fool Ya: Hosted By Dj KOOL KID
Bill Board Comp Mix Tape
And Many More......

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