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With attention from major A&Rs such as Riggs Morales of Shady Records, PREF1X has been renowned for having a big sound and lyrics. Buzz continues to build on radio stations, tv shows, and international forum sites. Collaboration has been established by independent record labels such as Funk Volume.


Born in Northern California, PREF1X (pronounced pre-fix) has been making a name for himself in many countries around the world. What makes PREF1X different from other artists is the fact he takes in input from his fans. He molds their hobbies and feedback and blends it with his own personal journey to make a finish product that is beautifully mastered by platinum recording engineers. There are not many artists in the scene now a days that can present intricate rhyme schemes mixed with mainstream instrumentation. PREF1X has and continues to excel in that department. No boundaries are set for this artist since he doesn't believe in limitations.


PREF1X Project - Mixtape - 2010
D.E.M.O. (Diary Entries of a Man in Orbit) - Studio Album - 2012

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