Preferred Parking Comedy Tour

Preferred Parking Comedy Tour

 Los Angeles, California, USA

These hilarious comedians are tag-teaming the challenges of being disabled and turning it into gold. Together Samuel J Comroe and Drew Lynch bring you an amazing comedy show that will sincerely make you laugh and rethink the word “Handy-Capped.”


After being hand selected by Ricky Gervais as the winner of the Just Sayin Comedy Contest in 2012, Sam made his television debut on the Conan show this year. With over 12,000 subscribers on his SamuelJComroe YouTube Channel, Sam appeared on BETs Comic View and on "Real Husbands of Hollywood" with Kevin Hart. Sam continues to share his hilarious and insightful stories of his life with Tourette Syndrome for colleges and clubs all over the country. Additional credits include, Second Place at the Boston Comedy Festival as well as the NBC Diversity Showcase. Twitter@SamuelJComroe |

Currently an opener for Bo Burnham and Ralphie May, Drew Lynch has quite the story to tell. He used to be an eager young actor and a classic "chatterbox", notorious for talking a mile a minute. Born in Indiana and raised in Las Vegas, he graduated from the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts with aspirations of becoming a fully articulate film actor. Then something unimaginable happened; at only age 20, during a company softball game, Drew got hit in the throat with a softball causing his vocal cord to paralyze, turning his chattering into stuttering. This life changing injury sparked a passion for writing and performing Stand up Comedy, bringing to life the social hardships of dealing with a newly-found speech impediment.

Set List

60-90 Minute Show