Pregnant Babys
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Pregnant Babys

Syracuse, New York, United States

Syracuse, New York, United States
Band Rock Funk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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We have no professionally recorded music at the time just some videos we have posted on our facebook page.!/Kruxski


Feeling a bit camera shy


Pregnant Babys are a new band that have just started to get serious october of 2011. Their first gig was a battle of the bands competition at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse NY, in which a drummer (Adam Krux) and guitar/vocalist (Jacob Bakowski) only preformed with no effects! 12 of 40 bands made it to the next round. The Pregnant Babys were one of them. They decided to pick up a bass player, and were lucky to enduct their friend Jeremiah Freteshki, a very talented musician and bass player. At the next round, with the great help of Jeremiah, we rocked even harder and made it to the final round which comes on January 7th. That is the bands experience playing but not their only musical training.
Jacob and Jeremiah were both in Highschool wind ensemble together and began playing wind instruments in 4th grade. As each of there interest in music, especially rock music, increased they found themselves with drums, guitars, pianos, basses, harmonicas, and pretty much anything they could get there hands on. They had tryed to start bands together before but were never able to get their hands on a good drummer. For a while Jacob went to college and wasn't around Jeremiah for a while, but happend to meet a drummer by the name of Adam Krux. Adam was never formaly trained, but has gone off of pure natural talent, and the diligense to take criticism and get better. Jacob and Adam were jamming for a while without Jeremiah and entered the Battle of the bands as a prayer that they could make it to the next round. The prayers were answered and now we await the final round. The Babys are looking for more gigs feeling that there positive grungy funk, punk, bluegrass, rock style will enlighten and satisfy the crowds soul by pouring ours into the air via organized air wave oscilations.