A prescription strength shot of American Music. Prehab's debut album is equal parts emotional journey and sonic drive by.


“Prehab is realizing that your life can’t continue as it is, and major change is about to happen.So why not squeeze out one last drop of decadence before the inevitable”

Like the mythical bird that rose from the ashes, Phoenix based Prehab enjoys a story of resurrection all its own. The Arizona foursome spent the mid 1990's playing as the Bedspins along Tempe,Arizona's Mill Ave, and the Southwest. For almost five years between 1993 and 1998, the band logged more than 500 live shows preforming energizing sets of mostly original songs. The Bedspins became a songwriting machine working under producer Andy Barrett of Gin Blossoms and Stevie Nicks fame. They almost never played the same set twice because they were always adding new songs, sometimes on a per-gig basis.

Some show highlights from that period include playing a taco stand in Benson, Cricket Pavilion w/ Def Leppard (side stage), and Celebrity Theatre with Violent Femmes and Bloodhound Gang. In 1998, after five years of pounding the pavement, they decided to take a sabbatical exploring other interests.

In 2007 two dramatic events occurred to pull the former band-mates back together. First, a close childhood friend of the band, drummer Brent Steffey, died suddenly from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 36 years old. The funeral was the first time in many years that all the band-mates were in the same room together. Seeing each other again brought back miles of memories,and they all parted ways promising to stay in touch. The second event occurred with a band member losing his battle with prescription drug addiction. He landed in Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre Antigua. Though-out his process on the path to sobriety he re-discovered his love for Music. This inspired him pull vocalist Chris Kay out of hiding, and they started to assemble songs with the goal of landing a publishing deal. What started as a song catalog project, soon evolved into the reunion and a collaboration that everyone was proud to be a part of: Prehab

This initial spark ignited the recording of their new record, One is too Many (a Thousand is Never Enough), released January 09’. The CD has been well-received locally, landing the band gigs and drawing large crowds. “Fans can relate to the songs”. The songs on the record capture the band name, as well as, the human experience: hope, celebration, humor, despair, longing, loss and redemption from beginning to end.

Prehab draws inspiration from Artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, U2 & Springsteen: The artists that are always evolving and changing. The band looks to the future and sees radio play, shows both in Arizona and out of state, inviting a talented producer, developing their own label (Aah Shaw Records), writing & recording - limitless opportunities. Most importantly, the band sees a future of Life Long friendship among four reunited friends.

“We started this band as friends and that’s really the secret weapon at the end of the day - when we are on the same page and vibing on the songs it’s like the best drug in the world. Trying to capture that fix is what keeps us coming back for more”


One is too many ( A thousand is never enough) Aahshaw Records

Set List

Black Night
The Man With No Skin
Back When
Turning Blue Again
Milk and Honey
Gardening High Speed
Blue On Blue
Junkie Town Act: Ii
Can't Seem to Drink Enough
La Cancion De Paulina

6th ave Heartache
Silver and Gold