Prekmurski Kavbojci

Prekmurski Kavbojci


Prekmurski Kavbojci stands for balkanized dance music, Turkish spaghetti western and heart-warming vodka romance…or, to put it into Kavbojci'’s own words: a one-way ticket to the Balkan dance.


The Cowboys of Prekmurje:
PREKMURSKI KAVBOJCI [pr'ek:murski | k'au:boitsi]
Randomly collected boy squad, formed with intention of a surprise appearance at a family birthday party in Slovenia. A birthday serenade of brothers Medjimorec resulted in the band Prekmurski Kavbojci, who can already show off with 3 albums, 7 years of history and dozens of gigs in Slovenia, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Such a record is not surprising - the quintet offers passionate, playful and groovy music. The Cowboys consider music as a game. They love to play with fire and sparkle up the place. There is no chance of resisting their contagious rompishness and so each performance turns into a sweaty dance party. Prekmurski Kavbojci’s latest product is called „Al Kazino“ and the album carries out its promise: a first-class entertainment. These cowboys are precise in throwing their lassos and abducting the audience into a magical sonic adventure.

THE MUSIC: A One-way Ticket to the Balkan Dance
A patchwork of a hypnotic western guitar, dubby delays, immense instrumental solos, melancholic lamenting ballads that seem to be snatched from a Kusturica-movie… Prekmurski Kavbojci stands for balkanized dance music, Turkish spaghetti western and heart-warming vodka romance…or, to put it into Kavbojci’s own words: a one-way ticket to the Balkan dance.
Prekmurski Kavbojci nurture their music with Balkan tradition, but are not afraid of jumping over the fence and trying out other genres. Their music accepts foreign worlds with open arms, but without arrogating them. Their inventive way of fooling around with all sorts of cliches immediately wins the hearts of the audience. Prekmurski Kavbojci celebrate the notion of game by playing it. Just like in a Casino.

THE ALBUM „Al-Kazino“
The title of the new album „Al Kazino“ is not only ironising the „Al“-Phobia of the western world (Al Capone, Al Kaida, Al Jazeera…), it is also playing with different meanings of the word „Casino“. „Originally, Casino was a place for socializing, a cultivated place of leisure with music and entertainment“, explains Florian Medjimorec. „The aspect of gambling was not important until much later. The idea of a game itself is a nice metaphor for our music. Music is namely a game, a game of fortune, gambling.“
The „Al Kazino“ album cover presents a scene of five band members, seated at a table and playing cards. The stakes are high. The players are ready to lose everything by placing their bets on one card. Music is the game. The game is music. It’s all or nothing. No other picture could be more appropriate for describing the Prekmurski Kavbojci’s new album.
Being asked about the incitement for the new album, Medjimorec explains:“We came to the conclusion that making a new album is the simplest way of opening the door to fresh ideas. We wanted to achieve some progress in our music. So we went to the studio and recorded „Al Kazino“. As simple as that.“ The music as a game. That’s the best thing that has ever happened to the music.


"Live In Slowenien" 2003
"Fuer Dich" 2007
"Al Kazino" 2008

Set List

Sanjuro (J. Milko)
Daj Mi Ovo (M.Medimorec)
Do The Balkan Dance (B. Brodbeck)
Red House (J.Milko)
Café Krebs (B.Brodbeck)
Oj, Oj, Jelena (U.Pletscher)
Cem Güler (M.Medimorec)
Pryc Je Ta Doba (J.Milko)
Soschtschi (M.Medimorec)
Svjetla Kugla Zemaljska (M.Medimorec)
Voda (M.Medimorec)
Arvokas (U.Pletscher)
Silvana (U.Pletscher)
Smrtni Duh (Martin Medjimorec)
Grabowski (Peter Santos)
Serbian Music (Benjamin Brodbeck)
Attack (Jaro Milko)
Atrasado (Jaro Mliko)
Sinulla (Ulrich Pletscher)
Tanssija (Ulrich Pletscher)
Crveni Picek (Martin Medjimorec)
TAMIL (Martin Medjimorec)
Fesches Madl (Martin Medjimorec, Text: Peter Santos)
A Primavera Amor (Martin Medjimorec, Text: portugiesiesch traditionell)
Ride The Punani (Jaro Milko)
Kasachstan (Ulrich Pletscher)
Sljivovica (martin Medjimorec)
Zorica (Martin Medjimorec, Text: Peter Santos)
Scissors (Benjamin Brodbeck)
Brka Ga Drka (Benjamin Brodbeck)
Ciganska Suma (Martin Medjimorec)
Der Franzos' (Ulrich Pletscher, Misc