Prema LaNay

Prema LaNay

 Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA

"You are the next sound of music," the new artist was told with not a blink of the music mogul's eye. As Dr. Dre introduced Eminem's tape to Jimmy Iovine, Cee Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley delivered on a cd. You will be surprised to hear a genuine artist again.


Prema = "The Loved." LaNay = "The Awakening."

The Loved Awakening Welcomes You!

From the small town outside of Atlanta, Georgia to an international tour spanning Europe and Japan, Prema LaNay is a star on the rise.

The simple gift of a flute from her Grandfather sparked Prema's love of music as a young child. From music classes to static-filled reggae jams hard to find on southern town radio years ago, a new gumbo of a genre was growing within a young girl of the Peach State.

First, privately writing short stories in grade school advanced to poetry then into chorus-filled stories. After working with small independent labels as a songwriter, Prema began working with a young R&B singer/musician, Lamar Robinson, who stopped the music as she was recording vocal demos one day. Through the earphones, she heard a young star ask her why she wasn't doing the songs for herself? For once, the storyteller thought about inserting herself into the picture. This meant that her 3rd party tales would now become autobiographical.

Her journey hasn't been an easy one; as a determined artist, Prema has lived through life-changing circumstances and lost loved belongings such as her grandfather's flute. The real gift from her late grandfather of finding self-expression through music was already instilled though. All the while, she continued on her quest to find musicians - prospecting in underground beat battles and recording anywhere she could find a microphone, from coat closets to storage warehouses.

It was an instant connection, with Iovine declaring her "a marvelous writer."

Prema's style, itself, is almost indescribable - attracting attention from fans of R&B, rap, underground, punk and pop music. Her unique sound has been called "a cure to the current state of the music business"..."soft and sexy with hints of gangsta."

More than just a gifted performer, Prema has written songs in countless genres, toured nationally as a backup dancer, and lent her vocal talents to numerous CD's. As a result, the music industry is taking notice of Prema, with recent mentions in publications like Vibe and Creative Loafing.

The female talent had her first collaboration with Stayfresh, a very dear friend, and strong legendary prise within B.M.E. As an accession to the artist on Lil John's label, Prema delivered the singing chorus of "Just Tell Me Anything," while most did not expect the same person to rap the ending verse. LaNay's vocals danced from mixed cds of various DJ associations, like Mel B EZ's of The Legion of Doom DJs and DJ Dyamond of Oomp Camp's Southern Style DJs.

Since then, Bangledesh and Mr. DJ (Dungeon Family) are a few names that have been added to Prema's roster over the years. Her talents have even granted her the famous Interscope studio with a selection of beats from the legendary Dr. Dre. The enchanting vocals of the petite entertainer also sparked interest of Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley, who in exchange directly introduced her music to Mr. Iovine.

No longer just a little girl with a flute and the hope of becoming a musician, Prema LaNay has paid her dues and is poised to take the recording industry by storm. In her own words: "I realized I could live my life everyday supporting someone else's dream while hoping they keep me around or I could spend this one life I have making mine come true." Clearly, she is on her way to doing just that.

"In order to start telling the world everything, I had to 1st not be ashamed of anything. Everything I've been through, I got through. I had to embrace this Prema lady and become her biggest fan in order to gain even one outside supporter." ~~Prema LaNay

Already being described as a cure to what's become a stagnant music industry, The PREfix showcases Prema's knack for writing Oscar-worth visuals. Songs like the mind-stretching "He Beats Me" depicts a victimizing emotion while tracks like "Loving a Junkie" and "He Got Blown Away" highlight her passionate creativity. "I want my music to make you feel like you've been taken to another world," explains Prema about her penchant for storytelling. "I want it to feel like I'm giving the listener a fix. Some people have drugs for that, I want them view my music the same way."


He Beats Me

Written By: Prema LaNay

Get out of my head daddy
Just leave me alone
Get out of my head daddy
Get out

Tell me where to go
Tell me where to stay
Tell me where you want me
The next next day
I will be there
Early a.m.
Up in the booth
Trying to please you again
They say you're not good
I know you're not bad
Just everything
I never ever he'd
Discipline and love
In the same man
But now here I stand

He beats me
He puts the bass with the treble and
Yeah yeah yeah
He beats me
I need to let him go but I love the pain

Hard banging in my head
Flowing through my veins
I know I'm no more sane
I'm insane
I love you more now than ever
I can not get away to get better
This is not right
It can't be wrong
For me to hang on this long
To someone that
Mistreats me
And keeps me


I feel it in the sting
I feel it in the burn
I feel it in my neck and my back
When I turn
The clap and boom
Creeps in the room
Takes over everything
It consumes
It got me now
Now he got you
Imma tell you next
What he's gonna do
Wait a minute he says
He needs to teach me
Preach to me



The PREalbum: Push Baby, Little Japanese, Get Loose, Good Golddigger, 2:45am

Set List

Covers: Artist signature pieces (Phil Collins, Blondie, Randy Crawford, Annie Lennox, etc.)

Plus up to 5 originals.