Premature Burial

Premature Burial


100% Appalachian Metal, a blend of death metal riffs with a crunch and American metal influenced appeal. West Virginia Death Metal Core


Premature Burial is a West Virginia metal band that's been breaking the boundaries of their region by crunching out of the state and regional area to accomplish a couple tours while exposing their own brand of Appalachian Metal.
Most recently the band laid a few tracks down at Watchmen Studios (Psyopus, Every Time I Die, Commit Suicide) in Buffalo, NY.
We've been able to keep busy getting the opportunities to open for major acts in the metal underground in the past couple years.
Some of the acts include; Deicide, Misery Index, Dying Fetus, Origin, Through The Eyes Of The Dead... and other bands on Relapse, Century Media, Metal Blade...etc

We intend on continuing to bring our own Appalachian Assault throughout the country and expose our own blend of underground extreme metal.


Monuments of War - Demo 2004
Visions of Panic - EP 2005
Fulfilling The Prophecy - Demo 2006