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Premeir Jones (Preme)

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop


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Bearing the FANG (F*ck A Name Gang) credentials, MTown let’s loose of the first single (“Walk With You”) from his forthcoming #SUMMERSEND LP. With production handled by Jonathan Lowell, it was only right to have J.K. The Rapper as the featured guest, a man we’ve continuously spoken on here at AO! (whom is also apart of North Carolina’s FANG collective). First time I spotted MTown was on J.K.’s “Generation Y” track off the Ill Life, but I’ve also had the opportunity to sprinkle into some of his solo work as well. I’m with you on this one MTown, lust has a decent chance of turning into love with the right amount of commitment and chemistry. - Tones of Ashley Outrageous

MTown drops a ridiculously lazy yet appropriate and well done video for his track “Couches”. MTown’s Summer’s Midnight Memories II now availble for download at Song produced by Robbie Theus. Directed By Jia Jetson. - B-EZ of ElevatorMag

It's official everyone, summer has come down to a close. Ibiza season is over, school's are picking back up, and Halloween decorations are going back up the wall. While this may be sad news for some out there, rapper MTown seems to be ready to greet Fall like a friend, and has presented the world with #Summersend, a twelve track tape filled with stunning production and lyrical gold.

#Summersend is a journey that explores the many facets of MTown and dives straight into his personal experiences. Beginning with a white noise based announcement in "Goodbye Miss Summer," he continues on with this dreamy sequence for the first half of the album until "Be Proud of Me," which holds a more electronic-based beat, working as a perfect interlude to the slowed down nature of "40 oz." "Yea Pt. 2" is one of the biggest standouts, with showstopping lyrics and a dynamic flow that flows perfectly throughout. He changes it up on "Luxury Cars," with a faster, harder edge to his relaxed flow, and ends with "N. Elm Street "White Impala Pt. 2,"" which works as a perfect middle ground between the slow dreamy vibe of the first half and the harder style of the tracks right before. Overall, the unity of the album combines to be a great representation of MTown and his work. He may not be a household name quite yet, but hip hop heads take note- this North Carolina native is ready to take over.

Check out the mixtape in its entirety below and download it on Monday. He also released a music video recently, posted below as well. - Artham Pierre of Earmilk

The up-and-coming emcee hailing from Greensboro, NC known as Mtown has let loose is somewhat of an EP “Sunday’s Midnight Theories.” I don’t know too much about MTown, but I do know he has a impressive flow and lyrical ability that his hard to miss. The seven track EP has some previously releases records mix in with some new original material. having saying that I think this is a great project but I let you guys be the judge of that, pleases don't afraid to leave your thoughts. Download Link Below. Check It Out And Enjoy! - Ebonics of Earmilk

New Music from MTown - a fellow member of FANG along with J.K The Rapper who will actually be performing at the AMCS Bodega this Sunday September 23, 2012! Summer's Midnight Memories II is a refreshing mixtape filled with great beats & great rhymes. Listening to this mixtape, you'll definitely be blown away by the authenticity of this artist. The tape is filled with Fun and catchy beats as that will be stuck in your head all day! Mtown's overall tone throughout the mixtape is confident; you will automatically become a fan! Make sure you follow him @mtownmp - Download SMMII HERE and check out more music on his soundcloud. - AMCS BODEGA

I got this in my inbox, and I like it. The way Mtown chronicles life during summer had me thinking about my past summers. Some of them were cool and some of them realy sucked, but the beauty of it all was the memories. Thats what made me connect to this project. If you guys dont know by now, im a beat person. Production catches me every time and I can’t even listen to a song unless the beat is on point. With that being said, I dig Mtown’s production choices way ahead of many other guys his age. Look for more from this kid on his website. I believe its a whole group of these guys similar to OFWGKTA. Their logo is pretty cool too, it just reminds me of the German “SS” so I hope they dont get any backlash from that! Check out MTown’s single as well as his full project below! Swag!
-Gianni Lee on Twitter

Download Summer 2010 Here
Mtown Says:
Summer 2010 is basically a typical teen explaining all of the perks and wonders of being young during the Summertime. MTown confesses all things he’d experienced in the summer of 2010, his favorite summer to date, from leaving his friends to returning, ‘cuddling with his first dime’ and having the time of life in this track. This song later inspired him to compose an entire mixtape dedicated to it, Summer’s Midnight Memories, which he recently released. “Miss Summer ={D” “I’m Not a Player” and “Break it Down Pt.1? are a couple of dope tracks you should most definitely search for. Get used to seeing the MCMXCIV artist MTown on your screens. - Gianni Lee of Babylon Cartel

Earlier this year we introduced you to Fuckaname member MTown, when he rhymed over a Pharrell Williams beat to create “What I Gotta Do“. Since then he’s dropped a few collaborations with Certt, J.K. the Rapper and a EP entitled, Sunday’s Midnight Theories. Some of the production on this tape is handled by Simon SMTHNG, Robbie Theus and Spaceghost with all in house features from a few members of FANG. We present to you complete with 12 tracks, Summer’s Midnight Memories II. Check out our DD Exclusive if you’d like to get to know more about the Greensboro, North Carolina emcee. Download SMMII below. - Shawnice of DopeDrops

It wasn't so along ago that we introduced you to Fuckaname member MTown, when we spotted his remix to XXYYXX - "About You." Then shortly after that he released Summer's Midnight Memories and continued to release a handful of singles as he progressed as a artist. Now, he's gracious enough to release the second installemt to Summer's Midnight Memories.

Summer’s Midnight Memories II consists of 13 original tracks. Also, most of the production on this tape is handled by Simon SMTHNG, Robbie Theus and Spaceghost with all in house features, from a few members of FANG. We will definitely be keeping a eye on MTwon & FANG as they makes their own lane. Shouts to DD - Charles David of Earmilk

I have some new music from upcoming artist from Greensboro, NC, who goes by the name of MTown. The track is a remix to XXYYXX (name of Orlando, FL’s upcoming 16 year old beat producer), "About You." The young emcee will be dropping his project, Sunday's Midnight Theories, this upcoming Sunday, I feel this is an artist that has allot of potential and will creeping up the scene very soon. Don't be afraid to leave your thoughts below. Check It Out And Enjoy. - Ebonics of Earmilk

When rolling through the strange internet backrooms inhabited by the surprisingly clandestine Raider Klan (for our profile), I kept bumping up against tracks from another group, which I first thought was called FANG Gang, like an old school snake obsessed biker posse or something.

Then I remembered that they had had some tracks on SpaceGhostPurrp‘s awesome mixtape Blvcklvnd Rvdix 66.6, so I delved even deeper. Coming from all over – including the Bronx and Atlanta, but centered around Greensboro N.C. – the Fuck A Name Gang (yeah, I was wrong) is comprised of 10 young (really young – most were born in 1994) rappers who are positively brimming with talent.

While Raider Klan’s whole goal is to openly subvert rap tropes, creating something that’s almost more akin to pop art, FANG (also written FANG ??) are more content to just straight up rap. Really well.

Though there’s no official leader, their most prolific and active member is young J.K. The Rapper, who has a knack for rhyming over iconic beats while making them sound like his own, and has been releasing a steady (very steady) stream of mixtapes since 2008, the last being June’s The Loser’s Table.

He raps about everything from romance to political concern (and some partying in between), and does it all with a controlled, assured flow. MTown, who’s Summer’s Midnight Memories you can grab here, is a more vibrant, jumpy member with a memorable nasal delivery and the utter confidence that seems to cover the whole group despite their very young ages.

He, and the others, frequently work with the behind-the-camera member of the group, Therapist Jones, on their videos. Then there’s Niko Da Don, who also has ties to the Spaced Out Entertainment label, and who’s mixtape Orange Flowers dropped around a year ago.

Ge3z AKA Wall-E Ge3z is the auto-tune assisted singer of the bunch, not afraid to slow shit down and get romantic with it, like on his track “Skinny Dippin” off his anticipated Serotonin mixtape, or the brand new “D@pper” (or even his collabo tape with Niko, Batman & Robin). He also reps S.O.E. and 4Dub, while fellow FANGer Ramel Shakur collaborates with Greensboro’s S.O.S.A. Entertainment.

The lineup is rounded out by 2chea (who’s got some pre-FANG tapes on his Bandcamp) as well as Kane, who show up on fellow members tracks, and Smooth who’s music you can grab here (who also directs as well). Other affiliates inclue Jia Jetson and producers Brenden J and Benny Lasco. Even now there’s a large amount of high quality music, but what’s really missing is a cohesive FANG mixtape.

The breakout release that brings them all together to lay waste to the rap game. Luckily, we won’t have to wait much longer, as their tentatively-titled Imagination Gas is supposedly out in the first half of this year. If it’s anything like their other music, I have no doubt that FANG will blow up way harder than they already are. Best start reppin’ it now. - MishkaNYC



Premeir Jones (born October 5, 1994) is a solo hip-hop artist out of North Carolina. Being born into a family of entrepreneurs and small-business owners it was seemingly odd he'd choose a path where little information was known in his immediate surroundings. After watching his older brother sketching rhymes in a composition book he'd soon fall in love with the art of rap after trying it himself. Later, Jones would found a new collective with his childhood friends, Fang Life. Through this collective, he would begin to cultivate his following and accidentally branding a lifestyle. "Premeir is a vibrant, jumpy artist with a memorable nasal delivery," says Mishka Bloglin. Having released a few free compilations (Summer's Midnight Memories, Summer's Midnight Memories II & Summer's End) over the years, Jones is currently working towards his upcoming standout project. Be Aware!