Premeir Jones (Preme)

Premeir Jones (Preme)

 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
SoloHip Hop

20 year old North Carolina superior, story telling with a flow reminiscent of watercolor opal stones.


Premeir Jones (born October 5, 1994) is a solo hip-hop artist out of North Carolina. Being born into a family of entrepreneurs and small-business owners it was seemingly odd he'd choose a path where little information was known in his immediate surroundings. After watching his older brother sketching rhymes in a composition book he'd soon fall in love with the art of rap after trying it himself. Later, Jones would found a new collective with his childhood friends, Fang Life. Through this collective, he would begin to cultivate his following and accidentally branding a lifestyle. "Premeir is a vibrant, jumpy artist with a memorable nasal delivery," says Mishka Bloglin. Having released a few free compilations (Summer's Midnight Memories, Summer's Midnight Memories II & Summer's End) over the years, Jones is currently working towards his upcoming standout project. Be Aware!