Premise da Wild Child

Premise da Wild Child

 Norfolk, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopR&B

have you ever wondered what would happen if you took an emcee from the 90's and blended him with the music of today. well look no further because the sound of the future is here. Premise has the lyrical content of a early 90's emcee with the style and charisma of an artist thats big today


Premise da Wild Child was born in Norfolk,Va. At the age of 7 Premise stumbled upon his music talent when he wrote his first rap. Since that point Premise always had a fascination for music, but never knew how to find the right outlet until he had gotten older. Everything changed when he was in high school and started battling with other rappers in his school to earn his respect as a true emcee. Premise get his influence from many artist such as Nas, Outkast, 2 pac, Notorious BIG, KRS 1, and many others. Premise states that his main influence comes from his family which is full of singers and instrumentalist.

Often being compared to many of your favorite artist Premise believes that coming form Virginia has given him many musical advantages. In his home town he is exposed to many different people from all over the United States and overseas. Premise feels that because of this he gets to see what many people from other areas like and he uses that influence in his music. Premise da Wild Child is not like many emcees his unique blend of northern and southern lyrical content is something that helps him stand out from other emcees, and is what also helps him maintain his street buzz as well as a commercial presence.


Lyrical Heat 2001
The Calm Before the Storm 2006
Best of VA Streets DVD 2008
BCC Sportsphishamen DVD 2008
The Franchize: Limited Edition 2010
Virginia Unity Mixtape 2010
Operation Doomsday Mixtape 2011
Streets Keep Calling Mixtape 2001