Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

indi rockers doing electro/pop - acoustic and electronic elements combining to deliver a platform for upbeat, positive and damn catchy tunes...


pre/post is a duo made up of brothers Mat and Jon Halton. An 'Electro/pop' project driven by sparkling vocals and pounding beats.
After playing over 50 shows with the indie band 'plainsay', Mat was looking for 1) an opportunity to break out of the intense, moody rock that he had done for so long and lighten up a little, and 2) a platform to share the songs that he has written about marginalized youth.
So the boys saiys to each other, "Boys," they Says "lets make some catchy pop music, music that will sometimes POUND." Yeah, that caught their attention, and away they went.
One day they found that they had made a killer-diller little EP and whala! it was for sale and free in the internet. Soon another little one will be born to us, too! You see, that EP is expecting, and the young record will be titled "Lost Fires Still Burn" after her great uncle Track 2.
More shows and merriment quickly approaches. Wait for it- Wait!


"Strangers in the City EP" on Red Knot Records (

Set List

pre/post can perform about a 45 - 60 minute set.