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he Prepstars currently have more than 19 tracks pressed and ready to go.
The songs all display they group's skillful rapping and beat-making talents
well as a musical sensibility that is rare in today's rap music. Songs like
"Willy Wonka" and "Milk & Cookies" are particular examples of the group's
musical acumen.

The foursome also share a strong desire to help their communities. They
each plan to give back through charities as well as their music. The
passion these young musicians display is inspiring and their dedication
shines through their music with every rhyme, beat and melody. The
Prepstars plan to release their debut album soon.



The Prepstars are a rapping, singing, beat-making quartet from St. Louis,
Missouri. Henny, Swagg, L.O. and N.C. are passionate about their music
and their group. All four young hip hoppers are completely dedicated to
the group and to their community. The group has a hard-hitting sound with
crunchy synthesized beats, grooving, funky bass-lines and in-your-face
rhymes. The Prepstars draw influences from contemporary rappers like
Nelly and Soulja Boy as well as from their eclectic tastes in other genres
like rock, pop and jazz.

All four agree that music gives them purpose, emotional focus, keeps them
out of trouble and gives them something to strive for. Each is, or soon
will be, a high school graduate and N.C. is continuing to trade school.
The group formed around brothers Henny and L.O. who rapped together
throughout childhood and middle school. N.C. started hanging out and
jamming with the brothers in 2003. The friends recorded beats and rhymes
on an mp3 player for years as their passion grew. In 2009, Swagg, a
mutual friend, joined the threesome and the Prepstars were born.

When talking to the Prepstars, one quickly learns that these guys are in
it for the long run. As N.C. says, "I want to be a role model - someone
that people of all ages can look up to and see that if they work hard and
don't give up on their dreams, they can be successful as well." L.O. is
also passionate about using music to help others. He wants to start a
charity fund to help people in need, like the earthquake victims in Haiti.

Swagg is constantly striving for the next level. "I try to do whatever it
takes to move Prepstars to the next level and help us to be the best we
can be." Henny believes strongly that he was meant to make this music.
"I get an incredible feeling from making music and when we've completed a
project. I just have a passion for it. I put a lot of hours into it, but
I don't get tired of it because it's what I love to do. It's what I was
born to do."