Chicago, Illinois, USA

Presadona is a post-hardcore mixture of musical genres. Taking pieces of metal, punk, and experimental and making them into something much more. Alternating between heavy riffs and melodic uplifting choruses, there is nothing generic about this music, just passion.


Presadona was formed in Merrilville, IN by guitarists Mynor Gonzalez and Nolan Mayersky. In a Northwest Indiana scene dominated by metal-core bands and "brutality", the guys in Presadona decided to be different. Gaining influence from bands like Dance Gavin Dance and Underoath, they began to construct a sound that was both heavy and beautiful. Mynor's technical and experimental riffs often lead the songs into unexpected places, be it a hardcore breakdown or a sing along gang vocal chorus. The songs themselves often stay away from the overdone topics of girls and break-ups. Often focusing on the ideas of spirituality, politics, and even early 20th century German films. Presadona is a band with true fire and passion for their music. Not obsessed with whats popular right now they plan on forging their own way, their way. Making the music they want and care about. And hopefully picking up a few true fans along the way.


A Psalm Asylum

Written By: K.Kirgis

Sometimes running is the only option left, just make sure we head for the exit
don't fall behind, don't be afraid, don't lose your trust in me
head for shelter/head for shelter, don't let the right one in
When you see me coming promise me you'll aim for my head
because my heart and soul are gone. I'm sure this is something that
you knew all along.
Bar the windows. Lock the doors. To keep us safe and sound.
Don't even bother not even god could save us now
I can feel the virus taking hold its changing me
this is not who I am its who I want to be.
Can you see whats in me, its no longer who I used to be
Chemicals begin to flow, a darker life you'll never know
The terror slowly creeps into you. And all our friends have become what we always
wanted to be, no longer concerned with where their lives will lead.
And how I envy them, my strange lust for the dead.
I can feel the virus taking hold its changing me. This is not who I am its who I want to be.
You bear witness to this great becoming yet you feel nothing.
You bear witness to this great becoming yet you see nothing.

In The Face of Adversity

Written By: K. Kirgis

Can you see it burning so brightly, in the night sky burning so brightly
I wanna feel it trapped inside me, I wanna feel it in my skin again.
Can you feel the tide creeping up on you? Don't let the captain leave your
side as the sirens drag you down.
Remove the ties that bind, take off the cross that blinds
You feel the light inside and know it was all a lie
It was a burden they placed on your tired shoulders.
Pray for your own lives follow the path inside
close the book and try to rest your eyes.
Can you feel the walls closing in on you, can you feel the walls closing in?
They told me I always needed to have him by my side
and he'd keep me safe from the darkness that surrounds us all
But I never felt it in my entire life, and I never felt it all along
yeah i never felt it all along.

Welcome to the War

Written By: M. Gonzalez

Lets change our ways to adjust to this new season a season of changing ourselves back to who we were before. We point to this direction. Sit still we are motionless we have come to pull you out of this mess and pull you out of this war. They left our bodies here but they're not ours to use anymore. Now they connected your ears to the ground that you walk on, you put up not fight for whats yours, you don't know who you are. And so we've become the heroes of the things we don't believe in, We'll be so called enemies we are the fall of your kings. We save our race in follow of those who took back whats ours. And your absence left so much room for the attack of you. The tore your defenses down as if you even defended yourself. We tried to carry you back home but the fall made it so much worse I know this doesn't change facts we'll save them from the fallout.
Through bloodshot eyes we've seen that we have come full circle. And now the path is open.
And so we've become the heroes of the things we don't believe in, We'll be so called enemies we are the fall of your kings


Demo- 2007
Welcome to the War EP- 2008
Format:Formation- 2009

Welcome to the War

Set List

An average set usually lasts from 30 to 40 minutes.

1. Intro/ In The Face of Adversity
2. A Psalm Asylum
3. Welcome to the War
4. The Great Drowning City
5. Cesare the Somnambulist
6. Emotional Bears

If we play acoustic we may throw in a couple Taking Back Sunday covers.