Preschool of Rock

Preschool of Rock

 Metuchen, New Jersey, USA

A genuine delivery of addictive, intelligent & silly music inspiring full family participation.

This father and long time member of Blue Man Group & Music Specialist at the Blue Man Creativity Center (NYC), brings the creativity and pedagogy of fatherhood and these outfits to PoR.


Having a professional drummer as a father is cool, challenging too. Michael spent many nights in rehearsals and at clubs watching his dad play. I guess you can say he was in his own little 'Preschool of Rock'. Perhaps that lends to why he is self taught at drums, guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, vocals, production and engineering.

He did have some luck though when he landed a gig with Blue Man in 1999 as music coordinator in the creative department for Chris Wink (creator of Blue Man Group). Late nights in the studio, traveling the world, and working with world renown artists was schooling in itself. You can feel this tremendous influence on the music, performance and production of Preschool of Rock's Music.

Later Chris hired Michael (using the Preschool of Rock's music) to pioneer a music program at The Blue Man Creativity Center in NYC. The school bases its pedagogy on the Reggio Emilia Approach.

Michael had the opportunity to study this pedagogy with some of the most prestigious thinkers in education. All of this experience and knowledge funnels into Michael's creation, Preschool of Rock.

Now, Preschool of Rock offers an infectious, and unique roof raising celebration that inspires full audience participation. Napolitano delivers a cerebral experience filled with exciting and engaging theatrics.  This celebratory and collaborative music invokes a magical response in children, parents and educators.

Michael began hiding out playing his dad's drum kit and piano at age 3.

Your friendly neighborhood, super animated, music superhero is a multi-instrumentalist from Metuchen NJ.  Michael is an active performer, composer, producer, and engineer.  On the recordings Michael performs vocals, guitars, bass, drums, piano, melodica, harmonica and other world instruments.
It's fun and it cares.


When I'm Jumpin' - 2010
Dance Party - 2010

Set List

This never stays the same....but for the sake of the the form:

Cowboy Song
When I'm Jumpin'
Robot Song
Growing Bigger
The Story
I Play Music
Dance Party
Snow Day