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Battle rhymes, live musicians, conscience lyrics, and fluid delivery give Chicago emcee Presence his defining mark. Back with his third album in 5 years, "R.Y.E.", the New York based emcee tells everyone to "Ready Your Ears".


Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Presence began drawing a buzz in 1999 on the battle rap circuit in competitons across the country. For the last seven years, Presence has finalized, won, and competed, in over 35 battles in ten different cities. Set to release his third LP in five years as well, "R.Y.E.", Presence's musical growth and direction, years of experience and drive, has him poised to emerge as a leading entertainer in underground hip hop culture. Utilizing a unique brand of production with rock based instrumentalists, Presence has created a tone, sound, and style that combines Jazz, Funk, Rock, Soul, Reggae,and Hip-Hop. Rhyme delivery, personality, and general enthusiam define Presence's shows, music, battles, and character.
Scribble Jam Prelim Champ 2005 Cincinatti, OH
Brainstorm 4 Co-Champ 2004 Seattle, Wa
Brainstorm 2 Champ 2002 Seattle,Wa
Chicago All City Champ 2001 Chicago, Illinois
MTV"S "The Cypher" reality pilot 2003 NYC
Mind Games 2 on 2 Champ w/ILLspokinn 2005 Sanfranciso, Ca
Breeze Battle finalist NYC 2004
Game Show Battle Champ/Finalist twice 2004-5 NYC
Chicago All City Finalist 2003 Chicago, Illinois
Put Up your Dukes Champ 2001 St.Louis
Kool Mixx Battle Finalist 2004 NYC
Mic Control Finalist 2004 NYC 2 on 2 league starting July 2006
I think there may be some more but by now you get the point!


"Let It Begin" 2001 Borgada Records
"Get it Right " EP 2002
"Recreation Bait" Praxis Records 2004
"R.Y.E." Ready Your Ears Praxis Records 2006
"Fire" 12 inch vinyl single Praxis Recors 2006

Set List

My typical set usually lasts from 25-35 minutes, but can be extended to 45 if needed.
Electronic Citrus
Whats's Crackin Pimpin'?
I Know
Buckle Up
Cut it Out
Who Knows
Recreation Bait
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