Staten Island, New York, USA
BandHip HopPop

My music is made for people who have successful ambitions or are in the successful atmosphere already


Presice is a Hip Hop artist from Brooklyn NY that has been grinding musically since 2005 when he dropped his first cd titled "The Rebirth Of Hip Hop". This cd featured 15 tracks which instrumentals were all from Brooklyn natives, Jay z, Biggie Smalls, and Fabolous. Flipping the concepts a bit the most stand out songs were "Famous White Chicks", "Ten Chick Commandments" and "Get To Know You" The album was successfully received by the streets of NYC.

In 2006 Presice followed what was called "A Street Classic" cd with his next project titled "Hate Is Motivation. Gearing into a different lane that spoke directly to the haters Presice answered hard with the song Wheres The Love, Get Off and Everybody Raps. After which Presice spent the next few years selling both cd's in all 5 boroughs of NYC.

In 2007 Presice touched a different angle that was motivated by the conscious part of his artistic presence and released a music video titled "Current Events". This song spoke on the social concerns that were happening at the time and was extremely motivated by the wrongful shooting of Sean Bell.

From mid 2008 to the end of 2009 Presice was on what he called the "Green Campaign" which was a mission of Presice to fuse his musical aspirations and personal go green responsibilities together. Starting on June 10, 2008 Presice began a journey of "eco-swag" which meant environmental appreciation with a cool factor. Starting off correctly Presice released a song/video titled "A Millie Trees" which later became the theme song for Mayor Bloombergs "A million tree" NYC initiative of planting a million trees in NYC by 2017. During this time Presice started his own non for profit group called "the Green Campaign", as well as visited schools and performed at many Eco Events. His biggest musical accomplishment was being the first Hip Hop act to perform at Ecofest 08 in their 20-year history. He returned in '09 as well. Balancing things out, Presice released a track titled Soho Socialite early 09 to represent the swag part of eco-swag. This was a connection song that brought vision to the up and coming artist who frequently travels through and has networks within the Soho NYC community

For 2010 Presice has returned to his "Chosen Prince" character which he began with taking his lessons learned and many experiences with him. With his slogan "I put music to the front, going green to the back" Presice is starting things off with music on his mind for 2010. His first song release is a track titled "Barbershop Talk" off his Spring release mixtape titled "Conversation Piece". Though Presice had kept busy since '05 his last official body of music release was '06 so he's returning to give the listener something to discuss. His "Barbershop Talk" track speaks on the consumer or fan frustration with the hip-hop industry. Motivated by the talk of fans Presice named drops artist which much complaint has been towards. Now recording his "Conversation Piece" mixtape Presice is focused and ready to be spoken about as one of 2010 break through artist.



Set List

3 songs set is can go from 6 to 15 minutes