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Band Hip Hop R&B


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"Best Just Wasnt Good Enough"

Name: Mack Bell
Style: Hip Hop/Rap

Memorable "Hook"
Nice hook melody; good call having the sung harmony vocals to support lead rap delivery.

Good Sectional Contrast

Rhymes Well
Communicates emotion to listener
Vocal does help to sell song
The story and emotions in the lyric are what draw me in the most. Completely honest, real, vunerable, and earnest. It touches on several levels. Good vocal performance also.


Overall Comments:
Nice Job, President Bell. As I mentioned, the most compelling part is the story and emotions- first, that you're speaking to your child; second, that you're revealing all the events that lead to you being apart, along with the reasons behind the decisions you made; further that you still express love for the mom and your child. There's a lot of depth there; well conveyed. On the verses, you have a memorable cadence to your flow and it fits nicely with the track. The hook is really catchy; nice melody. Good call having the sung voice behind you; not only does it support and give dimension to the section, but they also add to the mood and sincerity of the song. Nice ad-libs from the singer also. Track is solid; beat is not too much; just enough for the vibe; nice elements on top (strings, keys, guitar, bells, etc.). The only thing I'd say is that there could have been just a little more musical variation; the track stayed pretty much in the same progression. It would have been great to have a change here and there. That's about it. Overall, though, a pretty solid song. Best of luck with the project.

Overall Rating: (1=least 10=best)
Music: 8
Lyrics: 8
Marketability: 8
Arrangement: 7
Production: 7
Engineering: 8

- Taxi (Listener #178)


Artist: President Bell
Album Enter the Matrix (The Single)
Barcode: 8-27708-05092-8
Release Date: May 5, 2007
Tracks: 10
1. Parking Lot Pimping (Radio Version)
2. Pussy On A Plate (Radio Version)
3. Best Just Wasn't Good Enough (Radio/Album Version)
4. Parking Lot Pimping (Album Version)
5. Pussy On A Plate (Album Version)
6. What's Beef (Album Version)
7. Riding Low (Album Version)
8. Parking Lot Pimping (Instrumental Track)
9. Pussy On A Plate (Instrumental Track)
10. Best Just Wasn't Good Enough (Instrumental Track)


Artist: President Bell
Album: Enter the Matrix
Barcode: 8-27708-05082-9
Release Date: July 3, 2007
Tracks: 17
1. Intro
2. Run The City
3. They Don't Really Wanna Know
4. Bout That Bread
5. Shadow Of Death
6. What's Beef
7. Pissing Down My Back
8. Best Just Wasn't Good Enough
9. Fly Away
10. In A Storm
11. Riding Low
12. Parking Lot Pimping
13. Pussy On A Plate
14. Too Busy For You
15. For My Niggas
16. Skit (Special Thanks)
17. Hit After Hit

Holdin' Our Own Records does have musical tracks that are streaming, and radio friendly songs available. We have our song "Best Just Wasn't Good Enough", which is also known as The Child Support Song getting BDS radio airplay on 99.7 (WJMI) in Jackson, Mississippi. Other radio stations in the country are also beginning to pick up on this record. We also have songs playing on various internet radio stations.



I'm a hard working business man that aspire to be something in life. Luck doesn't usually come my way often, so I pray and work hard to accomplish my goals. I'm really a cool, laid back, fun person to be around if you get to know me. If you don't like me, it's probably because you don't know me. I'm outgoing and like to have fun, but I put my business before pleasure. Going out is cool, but I have my mind on a million, so partying isn't one of my primary objectives. If you see me at the club, im probably there handling business.
I am the Owner and Executive Producer of Holdin' Our Own Records, L.L.C. I produce, mix, write, rap, and handle all the internal business logistics of this company. Anyone that has ever been affiliated with me will tell you I push my artists to their limits. I'm not with my artist being drunk or high on stage. If you want to do that, it's cool, but you do that after you have given the fans their money's worth. It's business first!
I have two children. There names are Makayla Marshay Bell and Mack McCary Bell IV. It's an understatement to say I love them to death. The thought of seeing them go through what I went through coming up drives me to succeed. I don't get to see Makayla at all because her mom and I are having problems, but she lives in my heart. Makayla, I will always love you. We'll make it!
I know what I want out of life. I'm not selling dreams nor am I buying any. I'm looking for a woman, family, and friends that will be here if the celebrity status end. If you can't keep it one hundred with me, it's best we keep our distance. The world smiles with you when you're doing good, but I know how people disappear when you're doing bad. I've been in this position before. It's nothing new.
I submitted my solo album to Universal Records and I've gotten on their radar. They will be watching my album sales, so I ask for the support of all my friends, family, and fans. Bootlegging may destroy the chances of me getting the deal if Universal are solely watching my units sold, but the album can be purchased over the internet, so it's open to anyone in the world that wants a copy. Of course, you can get it with a credit or debit card, but I take it a step further. You can mail a check or money order if you don't have access to a card. I have high quality full length songs on my site, which is so you can decide if it's worth buying. There it is. No excuses for bootlegging.
I really have a story to tell the world. I've been in the streets and I've been to college. I learned valuable lessons from both worlds. I have a gift to do music. I do it from the heart, not because it's what everyone else is doing. This is my talent. Every talent must be nurtured, so I took the necessary steps to master my art by going to college. Mississippi we here. Vicksburg stand up! I'm a man before anything and I place GOD before everything. Trust me, I've done my share of wrong like every other man, but the difference with me is... I NEVER STOPPED PRAYING OR BELIEVING THAT GOD EXISTS.