President Fluid

President Fluid


President Fluid Is a fully hard working independent band always trying hard to find that special sound you have never heard before. This goal brings out the uniqueness in each individual song, having the next project not sounding like the last. We consider our band Experimental, Artistic, Rock.


President Fluid is a band that was started in 2004. It is a continuation of a band called "Spiral Fracture" founded by Keenan Slotty, and Anson Berberich in 1999. Spiral Fracture's first full length CD, with 9 tracks which is highly rare to come across was recorded in 2000 with Anson on Vocals, Keenan on bass. Joe Tucker on drums, and Mike Tucker on Guitar. One year after this CD was recorded, Keenan was sent to a crazy hospital in 2001, and Spiral Fracture Recorded a 4 song demo with Anson on bass, and vocals. Keenan was in the crazy house for about 4 months, and then went back in a year later. At this time, Mike and Joe lost faith in the band leaving Anson to stand alone and look for new band members. In 2003, Anson met up with a musician named Noah Walter who played guitar. Noah and Anson started a little side project called "No Free Samples" which just consist of Anson on drums, and Noah on Guitar, with Noah writing the majority of the songs. This went on for almost a year until Keenan came back home, and wanted to start up Spiral Fracture again. So Spiral Fracture was reformed in 2003 with Anson on Bass And vocals, Noah on guitar and vocals, and Keenan on drums. In this time, the band cut an amazing live demo of three songs. This project went on for about a year until Keenan got in trouble with the law, and had to move far away, and he took the Spiral fracture name with him, but did not use it again. Anson and Noah Wanted to start kinda fresh, so they picked up with the name President Fluid with new band members, and new songs, also carrying a few Spiral Fracture songs over with them, but changing them up a little. Their first President Fluid 2 song demo was recorded in 2005 with Anson on Vocals and Bongos, Noah on Vocals and Guitar, Marley on Vocals and Guitar, Austin on Vocals and Bass, and their first drummer Bennett on Drums. Their current drummer is Dave. President Fluids first full length CD is due to be released late spring, early summer of 2008 called "Volume 1"


Old People Drive New Cars Demo- recorded 2005
track 1) Old People Drive New Cars
track 2) The Methodist

President Fluid "Volume 1" release TBA 2008
track 1) Old People Drive New Cars
track 2) The March Of The Fallen Soldiers
track 3) Office Building
track 4) The Dream
track 5) Dragon's Face
track 6) Demonomination
track 7) My Grandma Won't Let Me Play In The Basement
track 8) Infinisynth
track 9) The Methodist
track 10) The Labyrinth
track 11) Chairman Mao w/ Bonus Track

Set List

For a complete set list, we pick from our list of songs, and one of our covers. We try to keep our sets under an hour including encores, but we do not like to play shows a half hour, and shorter.