Presidential Advisory Game

Presidential Advisory Game


Presidential Advisor Game: You have just been asked by the newly elected President of the US for advice on what he is to do in the first year of office. What will you tell him? In this game, 20 -200 people are placed in this extraordinary and exciting role. Results go to next President!


What do you think the United States should be doing about health care? Climate change? Iraq? Terrorism? Education? The economy? Student loans? Africa? Poverty?

The PresidentialAdvisorGame asks you to advise the President of the United States. It gives you the responsibility for developing ideas, programs, policies, and actions that the next President should implement in the first 100 days of office, and in the four years of his term.

ThePresidentialAdvisorGame puts 20 to 200 participants on Presidential Advisory Teams. Each Team comes up with real world advice that deals with a series of issues that will be confronting the next President. Economic policy, foreign affairs, the war in Iraq, education, and other issues (that can be determined by you), are part of the mix.

The game takes place in a two to three hour time frame. Team results are presented to the whole group, captured for posterity, posted on the PresidentialAdvisors web site, and, at the appropriate time, delivered to real advisors to the next president.

ThePresidentialAdvisorGame is fast-paced, intense, fun, and learning filled. It gets you thinking and involved with critical issues that are shaping our country and the world.

The PresidentialAdvisorGame is where civic engagement is both profoundly thought provoking and fun. The PresidentialAdvisorGame is where hope collides with possibility.

In summary: The PresidentialAdvisorGame engages students in thinking about the critical issues of the day in ways that are focused on actions and constructive change. Participants are placed in a position of enormous responsibility and asked, Now what? What should we do that will make a difference?

(This program is delivered by Medard Gabel, author of six books on global problems, energy, food, climate change, and other topics. Trained by Al Gore as presenter of the "An Inconvenient Truth" program, and developer of numerous simulations for governments, corporations and organizations. Mr. Gabel has presented programs for the UN, US Congress, GM, IBM, Motorola, and colleges and universities around the world as well as being the adviser to Congressmen and other political leaders.)

Set List

PresidentialAdvisoryGame runs for 2.5 to 3 hours. Could be done in less time if needed.