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Presidential Trap House / Ts4Gs retail store was established in March of 2007. The vision was to create an outlet for local and regional artist to have a place to distribute their music as well as receive a quality product. This store also has a custom shirt design shop for T-Shirts for anything that you may wish to wear to express yourself.
The partnership of Presidential Trap House CEO Michael Smiley and Corey “Playa C” Wright has made a fruitful and continuous combination. These gentleman have benefited each other greatly in this endeavor, the shop works for PTH with their unique show style and PTH works with Ts4Gs by helping to provide advertising and a wider customer base.
Another goal of the retail shop is to gain recognition and become a sound scan outlet. If they receive the correct type of business ventures and assistance then this will happen and bring more notoriety for the shops sales of indie and major artists.



Recognize the name Presidential Trap House Records.The name off top let’s you know wAhat they’re about. Taking over the game and setting up shop while creating a home front here in High Cap City for the entire Midwest. A label whose artists are the embodiment of the word “Trap” .Spearheaded by CEO Mike Smiley Presidential Trap House Records is on an aggressive campaign to take over and encompass the entire Midwest by any means necessary releasing vicious and uncompromising artists such as “Chief” Co-CEO of Presidential Trap House Records, “Chop Chop”, “Rocc Bottm” and “Mouse” whose lyrics and flow have already established each one as a beast on the mic’ and Presidential Trap House Records as a juggernaut on the scene and a force to be reckoned with. Presidential Trap House Records is the label that is setting the trend for the Midwest right now and that can’t be denied. Presidential Trap House are young business minded men from different hoods. Men who have all the differences in the world but through conflicts of interest found a common bond in Hip Hop. The best thing about the camp is that everybody’s trappin’. Meaning everyone is making their money whether it be in the studio day in or day out or in your hood selling the hottest mixtapes on the streets. PTH put the Presidential in “Trap” ask anyone in the game and they’ll tell you “they trap hard”. Soon Presidential Traphouse Records will be at the forefront and pinnacle of the rap game an be mentioned in the same sentences as the labels that influenced them such as RAP-A-LOT, Ruthless Records, Young Jeezy, Luke Skywalker Records, and Roccafella Records. Always representing the real and disrespecting the fake Presidential Trap House Records is prepared to blaze a trail across the whole U.S. even if it has to be in flames. Putting the game on lock and shutting it down and Damon Dash can kiss our ass!!!.

Mike Smiley represents the epitome of what it means to be a trapper in The “O”. Go to any hood or street corner in Oklahoma City and just say the name Mike Smiley. I promise you heads will raise and you’ll have their attention. The name rings bells and commands respect in the streets he calls home. His hat might as well be a crown because this young entrepreneur has no doubt carved himself a kingdom in Oklahoma with loyal followers and soldiers to prove it. Destined for greatness he took everything he had learned from hustling and turned a hungry eye towards the music industry and launched a full frontal attack never looking back.

In only 3 years Mike Smiley’s record label’s name “Presidential Trap House” is as well known and respected as the man who gave it the name. He stepped into the industry with only his knowledge of the hustle game and that of the street and simply applied it to this new game called the music business. It didn’t take long before he realized that this game was no different than the one he had been playing for the last 15 years. It was all about who you know and once you made the right connections you were in just like in the Trap game. So from that point on Smiley and the rest of the Trap House (Chop Chop, Chief, Mouse Meezy, Rocc Bottom, and Dj Grind daily) were hitting every party, music conference and award show that mattered in hip hop. Performing and helping sponsor events like the OZONE AWARDS which aired on MTV, THE CORE DJ RETREAT, and THE SOUTHERN ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS, among others. As if that wasn’t enough he jokingly bolsters the fact that he has more friends than any other CEO in the business on the popular social networking site MySpace. He truly is one of those rare CEO’s that has a star power and charisma of his own that fans are drawn to surpassing that of Damon Dash or any other CEO before him.

In early 2008 Smiley took the next big step and hired music video mogul Mr.Boomtown to create a ghetto masterpiece for his front running artist Chop Chop’s single “Red Durt” which will be airing on BET in the months to come. A success story from start to finish Mike Smiley not only survived in the world of the streets he thrived. The same is true for his journey and struggle in the music business. He has not only just made his way he has taken the game over and put it in a chokehold.

Talk is cheap. Let’s start with the facts. How many people can say they’ve opened for 50 Cent on a five city tour or were featured on Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” Remix. They can sit and wish they had performed with the likes of 50 Cent, Snoop, Jarule, Mystikal, Slim Thug, and Lil Flip. There is to much talk in a game that has been watered down and vacant for to long. Anyone from High Cap City (Oklahoma City) knows he represents the epitome of realness. They already know but the rest of the world is about to find out that truth and realness still do exist. Its undoubtedly this realness that helped Chief survive while growing up in Kerr Village one of High CAP Citys most notorious housing proj