President Philson

President Philson

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
SoloHip HopEDM

To uplift, inspire, and entertain.

Million$ In My 20$ The Album Coming Soon


The voice of Generation-Y, Millennials everywhere, and President of the streets, President Philson has forged the identity the world needs and only Hip-Hop could supply.  President Philson entertains via unmatched lyrical brilliance, a lightning quick tongue, and sheer wit unrivaled in today's climate. Philson's grit honed on the mean Jersey streets, and dedication proven hustling at the highest levels of Wall Street underscore the reality that this Harvard College Graduate is more than meets the eye. Philson's flows match his athletic physique, and one can easily ascertain the fearlessness he embodies on the mic, touching topics from partying all over the world aka the rage up (rage X turn up), to building a multi-million net worth in his 20s, while keeping it real and authentic to his humble roots on the West End of Plainfield, NJ and in the concrete tough Brick City streets.  President Philson music is the soundtrack to your life, and embodies the struggles, hopes, and dreams that persist in all of us.  MMP Guided Entertainment films including Everything I Wanna Be: The MajorMotionPicture inspire the masses, and Guided Clothing compels anyone wearing the brand to Own Your Beliefs. 

President Philson has performed at storied venues around North America & Latin America/Caribbean, Asia, and Europe. Philson has developed a global fan base and international movement. 


The Gap Year (2016)

Hurricanes Happen (2014)

The People Need Leadership (2011)

Harvardboyrapstar (2010)

Popular Global Releases: "I'm Good" 2015,  "To The Moon" (2013),  "Rajon Rondo" (2010)

Set List

1. To The Moon
2. So High
3.  Life is a Movie
4.  Work So Hard
5. Young, Rich, Famous