We are a rock band with many different styles and influences that can play anytime anywhere. Always ready to play and play well, never settling for less than the absolute best out of every member of the band. When we get going, there will be no stopping us.


We got together back in April of 2007, when we had been working on a lot of material and just had no drummer to work with so we looked around and our good buddy Kenny hooked us up with Andrew. As soon as he started to hit the skins we knew we had found our drummer. Since then we have been putting tunes together, recording our album and playing shows as regularly as possible. We got in it solely for the fun of playing music, but it didn't take us long to become very serious about what we want to do and where we want to go.


Head to the Grindstone- May, 2007
This Winter World- Feb, 2008

Set List

Typical set-list involves...
1.The Strategy-original-6:15
2.Any Kind of Ordinary-original-3:14
3.The Constant Sound-original-4:27
4.Gargamels Revenge-original-6:00
5.Track 8-original-3:32
6.Point of Interest-original-3:00
8.Good Time Bad Stuff-original-6:00
10. The Flew-original-5:39
11.Too Late Now-original-3:51
12. Salsenta-original-3:25
13. Ms. Turry-original-5:00
14. Take a Seat-original-2:45
Set lists are about an hour long each, and song time varies as to intensity and length of jam.
We do only 2-3 covers in a show of which our repertoire includes...
1. Herbie Hancock
4.Otis Redding
5.Jimmi Hendrix
and more...