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London, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Alternative




"AltSounds interview"

The following interview was conducted by AltSounds just days before Press To Meco play Download Festival, their biggest show to date. - AltSounds

"UK mob seriously beef up second time around"

There's still no disputing the gorgeousness of Wasting Time, or the way the gnarled edges of Honestly play perfectly against its own towering melodies. - Kerrang!

"Press To Meco - 'Affinity' EP"

I’d not heard of Press To Meco before, with the kind of feeling that I should have been in the know and supporting them from the moment they popped outta their mummies tummies. Alas, I’ve now got my party invite and loving every minute.

With Affinity, we have a 5 track EP that feels much longer than the 20 minute portrait that the band have produced. With some EPs you can be left feeling a little empty, Press to Meco have managed to present a well-rounded soundscape that leaves a great lasting impression.

On a track by track basis it’s obvious that Press To Meco are serious about their craft, each song has a distinct feel from the first phrasing, and while each track is different there is a musical blending that, as a band, you either have or don’t have. Lyrically, there appears to be (intentional or not) a pseudo spiritual undertone – purely down to what angle your listening from I guess.

The EP opener and title track ‘Affinity’ kicks straight off into a not unfamiliar grinding riff, sliding easily into the verse. Don’t be fooled though this ain’t your run of the mill generic ‘core’, everything after the first verse is a progressive exploration of just how diverse one song can be. Slipping gently from a ska-jazz fusion breakout to a syncopated grindfest. It’s hard to imagine many bands being able to layer this much into a single 3 and half minutes and still having what you can call music.

Following this is what you could deem as the EP’s ‘commercial tune’ – Wasting Time. There’s a faint overtone of the Rise To Remain sound, notably through the vocal harmony and range – it’s by no means a bad thing.

Track three, Tired Bones, starts and this is where the band are showing their stylistic diversity. Overall it’s a pretty straight track, but there is a definite switch in influence, be it artistic creativity or keen industry brainpower, Press To Meco demonstrate versatility in abundance.

Honestly (track four) is probably the most challenging to listen to, again fusing genres - this time in a more obvious way. By no means any less great, but if it’s the commerciality side of this kind of music you like, then you probably won’t like this so much. However if you’re liking music that makes you work a little – soak it up baby! Fans of ASIWYFA will understand the musical progression in ‘Honestly’.

Wrapping up the EP is a straight forward modern angst ballad – Love and Reason. This is one of the EP’s most audible moments and one of my favourites. Through all the complexity and experimentation of the previous four tracks, this one shouts “we can play straight.. cos we’re just that good!”. The track does have a few surprises musically but I’ll leave that for you to hear.

I feel reassured after listening to Affinity, that there is life in the music industry still. That people are still out there doing something unique, with the ability to both tell a story and present it in a way that draws you in. - Scribes of Metal

"Press To Meco"

This self-titled EP from the London based youngsters brings you four brilliant tracks which draw attention to one of the UK's most exciting new bands to be heard this summer. While combining elaborate instrumental sections with ambitious melodies, the trio couldn't have introduced themselves in a better way. Sing-along choruses on the track 'All The Same' and shattering breakdowns intermingled with cheerful rythmns, as on 'Loose Rooms', present the various styles. With a 200-date tour set this for this year, Press To Meco aim to gain plenty of new fans along the way. - Big Cheese Magazine

"EP Review June 2012"

Fully loaded with a rocket full of energetic hooks, deliciously fresh flirtations of the instruments, and dynamic lyrics, Press to Meco’s debut EP is demanding your undivided attention. The three piece, originating from Crawley, and formed in 2008, attend to listeners with their innovative sound, shifting the tempo regularly, and injecting an assortment of instrumental outbursts in a variety of tones, expressing the effect of a wide range of musical influences.
Their name, a term in which NASA use when a flight has reached orbit and can no longer turn back to earth, with MECO being an abbreviation of ‘Main Engine Cut Off’, may profess their confidence in orbiting into the world of music, or may just reflect a love for Armageddon. Either way, the punching guitars in Burning The Reward catapult listeners into the higher doctrines of space, while the intervals of gentle plucks, and slow drums lower you gently back to earth before shooting you even further. Exercising the power of three, the trio share effective vocal melodies, however this is sometimes lost in the instrumental accelerations, as it is hard not to be distracted by the fluctuating pace of the guitars.
All the Same is a more light hearted offering, with lyrics claiming that “Sometimes it’s good to slow down” while the guitar pleasurably strums along with the drums in a varied pace, ever so slightly similar to the mid song build up in Biffy Clyro’s That Golden Rule, minus the strings. The relationship between the drums and the guitar keeps the listener on edge, while the lyrics reassure. Loose Rooms however, harbours a similar bass sound than that in Blink 182’s What’s My Age Again? hiding between the variations of tempo, and the chest collapsing waves of drum and guitar. The complex compositions of this band in Rational Way echoes a slight nod to Rush, the song opening with an acoustic guitar, and evolving into a flurry of whips from the electric with an inspiring insight in to the vocal ranges of the band, before the piano igniting lift off once again.
Energy in this EP is full to the brim, and no doubt this band perform equally as enthusiastic live, the overwhelming rush of power this band impresses upon listeners is one that accelerates and encourages their animation. A softer variation of the bands like Protest The Hero, and Sikth, this EP,
expected July 9th is worth listening to for a lasting burst of energy.

8/10 - Bring The Noise

"Brighton - live review"

VENUE, TOWN: The Hydrant, Brighton
DATE: 21st May 2012
FIVE WORD REVIEW: Guitar licks in your face.!
MAIN REVIEW: The prog-rock alternative Press To Meco! from Crawley have you tapping your feet without knowing about it. Their set kicks off with a powerful start, instantly throwing the crowd into the deep-end. It’s clear from the very start that they have good technical abilities on each of their instruments. Particularly impressive, Lewis Williams (Drummer/Backing Vocals) keeps the band locked in tight. The tech influence brings in an interesting dynamic to the band; a contrast to the constant gain/crunchy sounding progressions with some really nice floaty sounding breakdowns.
Celebrating his 22nd birthday Adam Roffey downs a shot on stage as they’re coming towards the end of the set, the crowd cheers for his accomplishment and Luke Caley says, “I have genuinely no idea how Adam is still standing right now!” None of this shows as they jump straight back in for ‘Rational Way,’ which has a ridiculously catchy guitar & bass riff, not only showing off the abilities of both these musicians, but also proves they can Goddamn write! ‘Burning The Reward’ yet another song, proving they are in it for the long hall, boasting powerful guitar riffs and beautiful harmonies. Adam, surprisingly in tune for his level of drunkenness, takes on some vocal with Lewis whilst Luke plays a riff creating a rather nice ominous atmosphere. Both these songs are on their latest release, a self-titled E.P that also includes tracks such as: ‘All The Same’ & ‘Loose Rooms’.
- Red Hot Velvet

"EP Review June 2012"

Named after a term NASA uses to signify a successful shuttle launch, London three piece Press To Meco are already making impressive strides despite their relatively young collective ages. Being a fresh faced bunch aged between 19­21 the band are already putting an impressive amount of elbow grease into their craft currently in the midst of a monster 200 date tour across the UK, before also going on to take in the sights of Europe. However it is not just the band’s determination that is raising eyebrows as their debut self titled EP only continues to supply the good first impressions you wish your new boyfriend or girlfriend would display when being introduced to your Nan.
Inhabiting the creative yet melodic recesses similar to such bands as The Fall Of Troy, Coheed And Cambria and most notably Biffy Clyro, the boys pack more ideas into less than quarter of an hour than most bands do in an entire career. Straight off the bat with opener ‘Burning The Reward’ the band’s multi pronged vocal delivery works superbly, with all three band members chipping in. It sets the pace for the rest of the EP with frantic twiddly guitar lines, an off kilter rhythm section and shifting dynamics all harnessed by some fantastically catchy melodies.
All four tracks on the album offer something different which is great to hear in a world full of generic bouncy pop punk and identical breakdowns. ‘Loose Rooms’ springs into life with a riff so meaty you could chuck it on the barbecue (if the rain ever stops), while ‘All The Same’ lyrical “feel the rays of the sun” refrain is nothing short of joyous. The EP is rounded off with ‘Rational Way’ which despite it’s subtle acoustic intro transforms into something anthemic that is the perfect conclusion to a great collection of songs.
While at times the band’s debut comes a bit too close to Biffy Clyro’s signature sound, the influence of the Scottish three piece has created a wealth of new bands, for better and worse, and Press To Meco are definitely in the better category. Far from being pretenders to the throne, the band’s self titled is packed full of ear catching moments and showcases a bright future for the London youngsters.
Reviewer: Gavin Lloyd - Hit The Floor Magazine


2012 - Press to MECO - EP
2013 - Affinity - EP
2015 - Good Intent - Album



Press to MECO (me-co) have always possessed an ear for a huge riff and equally gargantuan three-part harmonies, yet anyone familiar with Press to MECO knows not to second guess the next step, a fact reinforced by the themes on the 'Affinity' EP: death of the elderly; indecent secrets; crystal methamphetamine; procrastination; mental illness and cannibalism.

PTM self-released their debut single 'Affinity' in 2013 and the track continues to enjoy on-going UK radio support from Alex Baker - Kerrang!, Sophie K – Team Rock Radio, John Kennedy and Ian Camfield – XFM.

The 'Affinity' EP was released in May 2013 accompanied by their first headline show at Barfly, London. Since then PTM have played a live 'Xposure' session for XFM and made their first appearance on the Red Bull Studios stage at Download Festival. Tipped by XFM as a band to watch in 2014, they were invited back to Download to open the Zippo Encore stage (stage 2) on the middle day of the festival.

Luke, Adam and Lewis have recently completed the recording of their debut album which is set for release in October 2015.

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