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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Sonic Curiosity"

"Rewarding and dazzling." - Sonic Curiosity

"early Future Music review"

"this guy has all the right approaches to be the next Prodigy" - Future Music

"4 out of 5 stars"

Juxtaposing acerbic rhythms against vivid atmosphere is what sets
Press apart from their brethren. Their music is not as experimental or
cacophonous as Aphex Twin or Autechre, and it isn't as dance-oriented
as The Chemical Brothers. Instead, it is an amalgamation of both that
delivers the harsh characteristics of jungle and drum & bass alongside
the pristine flow of trance. - ReGen Magazine

"listenable / danceable"

Press makes computer music suitable for listening as well as dancing, which is sort of unusual, on The Fine Art of a White Label. His sound is hypnotic yet catchy, and his melding of samples, synths, live instruments, and more results in some pretty damn fine audio. - Illinois Entertainer

"review of Bowie cover"

Press' redux of Sound And Vision is most trippy. Listening to this song I want to get my poi chains, switch out the fire wicks for the LED lighted balls, and go to town, rave-style. Interestingly, he writes in the liner notes that in his mind Low began to meld with recent Eno and German techno music that he was listening to during a Bowie-free period. When he came back to listen to Low he found that Sound And Vision sounded much different than he imagined it and recreated his imagined version.

This is a review of a Bowie cover released on a tribute comp. on FTC Records, also featuring David J, Arcade Fire, Dresdon Dolls and more. - cracked actor


Forthcoming split 12" with Emulsion.

"Keep it Down" on Tunetank electro compilation distributed at Amsterdam Dance Event.

"Sound and Vision" -- cover of David Bowie's track featured on Bowie tribute out on Chicago's FTC Records Spring '06 (also on the album: David J, Dresden Dolls, Arcade fire, etc.)

ep "the fine art of a white label" out now on Lens Records.

Remix of "King Mob" by the Damage Manual out on Invisible Records. Other mixes by Orb, Bill Laswell and more.

2004 -- Bazaar 12" vinyl distributed in the UK.

"Bazaar" on chicago "Revolution" comp.

"Over the Moon" featured on cd demo section of an issue of Future Music magazine.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Press is Robin Smith. Hailing from Chicago, Smith combines his drumming with elements of techno, breakbeat, and indie rock. Press melds a multitude of samples, live instrumentation, a well-used drumkit, softsynths, hardware synths, and voices into some of the most exciting electronically processed audio collages you're likely to hear. DJs have exclaimed "Groundbreaking", "Leftfield meets Underworld" & "Blew my clubs roof off!"