Press OK

Press OK

 Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZAF

An in-you-face combination of Rock, Funk and Blues. Bringing the power of Audioslave, with the touch of Hendrix. A fusing of influences to break away from the monotony that makes our ears bleed.


Formed in September 2009, Press OK jumped straight into the deep end, immediately drawing the attention of ears bored by the monotones playing from their radios.

Playing a dirty brand of Funk and Blues, Press OK draws from each of the individual member's influences that span from metal to mbira to create a foot-tapping, mind-blowing, in-your-face combination that cannot be ignored.

The members met studying music at Wits University and gelled due to an uncompromised mission to fuse the music around them without conforming to ideals of what they should or shouldn't play.


Wasting Away
Front Line Force

Wasting away featured on the Other Mother podcast, as well as Eldos and UJ FM.

Set List

Our set list usually contains ten to twelve songs depending on requirement.

Set List: Wasting Away; Front Line Force; Many Fish to Find; Solid Lines; The Kid Who Never Wins; The Trickster; Pretenders; Blissful Catalyst; Stuck in Your Way;