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Press on Randy

Bend, OR | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Bend, OR
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Electronic Indie


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This band has not uploaded any videos



" editorial review"

Care for an insanely catchy, hook-driven, genre-blending mini-album? Mixing equal parts of Postal Service, Bright Eyes, and MGMT, you know
what you're getting into from the start: hummable, sweet, and superbly
produced indie electro-folk/pop. The brainchild of musical
multi-tasker Seamus Tomkins, this EP takes what could have been good
singer/songwriter acoustic fare and takes it up several notches by
adding layers of production. Elements like technicolor synths, clever
drum programming that would make Bjork smile, warm beds of acoustic
rhythm guitar, and finally Tomkins' own distinctive, emotive vocals
all come together in a sparkling, radio ready mix of catchy, inventive
pop songs. - CDBaby

" CD review"

Press on Randy is a one man musical arsenal of raw talent from the mastermind of Seamus Tomkins who delivers on the catchy tunes, crazy fun lyrics, and irresistible hooks. What makes Press on Randy a gem is his ability to relate to a variety of fans from all different genres. This brings me to his EP titled Moths and Butterflies released in March of 2009.

Moths and Butterflies is full of great melodious tunes that easily moves from one musical style to the next. The final verdict of Moths and Butterflies is a solid performer that mixes up electro, folk, pop, dance, acoustics, and other genres into Press on Randy's unique style. Add the element of an out of this world production and Moths and Butterflies is going to blow you away.

I give Moths and Butterflies a solid A+ - Juniors Cave

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"Wildy's World Album review"

Press On Randy is Seattle based singer/songwriter Seamus Tompkins. Incorporating electronic music into his folk/pop songs has helped Tompkins create a special sound; you’d never think just one person is behind the sound of Press On Randy from just listening. Press On Randy’s debut EP, Moths And Butterflies is the culmination of nearly six years of travel and personal growth for Tompkins. With influences ranging from Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan to Postal Service and Bright Eyes, Press On Randy has the potential to appeal to a lot of people.

Press On Randy mixes acoustic, electric and electronic instrumentation with strong pop hooks, unforgettable melodies and a low key approach that makes for a delightful musical milieu. Moths And Butterflies opens with What It Takes To Be A Sailor, an energetic yet understated pop song with real commercial potential. This is one of those songs where the verse will stick in your head for days after hearing it once, and Press On Randy seems to understand how to balance the acoustic and electronic aspects of the arrangement so one does not overpower the other. Bullets And Beachballs seems to be about a relationship doomed not to work; the protagonist finds all sorts of metaphors for their ill-fated other half on the way to the realization that good things came out of the experience. The arrangement here is highly energetic in an understated fashion, and once again features a melody you'll have a hard time shaking.

Dogs Go Blind is something of a mystery for meaning; there's an esoteric and indecipherable thread in there that ties the song together, but the melodic construction is pure gold. The harmonies are gorgeous, and the instrumentation is comprised of pieces or progressions that at times seem like they shouldn't quite fit together but somehow do nonetheless. Moths And Butterflies, the title track, sounds like it might have it's origins in an old-school Casio arpeggio and works as an almost geek-pop piece ala Lisa Loeb. It's a song about breaking free from expectations and societal constraints and learning to live according to your own drummer's beat. Little Fish Are Not Your Friends is a quirky little angst-filled pop song that's so obscure I'm still not quite sure what it means. I've puzzled over this one for about a dozen listens and I'm no closer to an answer, but the same wonderful pop sensibility that's been evident from the beginning of Moths And Butterflies pervades this song. The album closes with My Castle Is Your Sand is perhaps an acknowledgement to nature that what we build is inconsequential in the grand scope of time. It may be playing on the "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" construct in a parable about each person's grand significance on a scale of time where our lives are a blink of time on the planet where we live.

Press On Randy is confounding. Tompkins will drive you a little bit nuts with his esoteric and sometimes bizarre lyrics, all wrapped up in these wonderfully contrived alt-pop confections that dig their hooks into you even as he twists your sense of what pop music is supposed to be. I can't say I was blown away by Press On Randy because he doesn't have that bombastic or magical sense about him. Instead, Press On Randy is a quiet musical philosopher weaving subtle magic wrapped in melodies you can't escape. You can puzzle over the lyrics while the music wraps you up and carries you along. Moths and Butterflies is brilliant.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5) - Wildys World online music blog

"Artist Feature"

Press on Randy is the one man electro pop outfit of Bend, Oregon, musician Seamus Tomkins. We love his sound, which is finely produced for a young DIY artist, and ranges from upbeat synth pop goodies to guitar based songs with deeper lyrical content on the new LP A Ghost with a Fish Eye Lens.”

The songs on A Ghost with a Fish Eye Lens combine acoustic and electric elements to create playful indie electronica music with dark lyrical content such as on the fantastic synth pop gem, “Please Get Up.” POR’s music can be catchy, clever and even deranged.

The album, while light in its musical vibe, is about depression. The results should be inspirational for anyone, especially DIY artists who are discouraged at how difficult it is to get any recognition.

Tomkins self produced, engineered and recorded the album in a gardening shed last year. Stream even more tracks from the album via Press on Randy’s Soundcloud below or get a copy via his Bandcamp. This is fire! - Indie Rock Cafe


EP - Moths and Butterflies released in March of 2009

LP - A Ghost with a Fish Eye Lens released in March of 2016



Press on Randy is a solo artist who combines electronic and acoustic elements to create catchy, clever and sometimes deranged indie pop tunes. With a heavy emphasis on thought provoking lyrics with multi layered beats, guitars and synths, the tunes provide a fresh perspective on indie and power pop. After the release of the EP Moths and Butterflies in 2009, Press on Randy went on a long hiatus until the musical itch and life circumstances compelled him to put together the 2016 full length release entitled A Ghost with a Fish Eye Lens.

Press on Randy's recent release is a deeply personal album about navigating through a major depression. Although the album center's on a heavy topic, it's done with a bit of humour, irony and honesty. The album was completely self produced, engineered and recorded by Seamus Tomkins in a gardening shed during the winter of 2015.