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"Pressure Cooker delivers brilliant songwriting"

“...Pressure Cooker delivers brilliant songwriting, infectious performances and explosive stage presence.” - Craig Terlino, Boston’s Weekly Dig

"The sound of instant classics"

“...their reverence for the roots of the music...provides [a] cohesive grounding to their sound...and an ability to craft songs that have the sound of instant classics.” - David Wildman, The Boston Globe

"They deserve global hugeness"

“With the band dating back to 1997, I thought their outstanding 2001 sophomore disc, I Want To Tell You, had captured them at the absolute peak of their powers. Turns out they were just getting warmed up. (A limited, all-instro album from last year snuck by me, but an online sample indicates another corker.) I don’t normally even listen to reggae/ ska or its offshoots, but this is your proverbial embarrassment of riches. I could quote you random factoids (there’s buzz on ‘em all over the world, they’ve backed up genre giants such as Prince Buster and Monty Morris, they incorporate jazz, Latin, and calypso elements), or throw out the checklist of synonyms and influences (roots, rocksteady, dub, dancehall, Maytals), or simply bury you in adjectives (smooth, soulful, crisp, pumping, sinewy), but this is some seriously radiant, all-purpose goodness. You can listen, dance, walk, drive, cook, clean, or f___ to it, and I don’t get to say that often. These guys HEAR each other as much as they play, and the stuff’s been allowed to simmer for EXACTLY the right amount of time...They deserve global hugeness, and I’ll be pretty shocked if they don’t get it.” - Joe Coughlin, The Noise Boston

"The diversity of musicians and instruments"

“...these local Ragamuffins write songs that scream Jamaica circa 1965, with all the heart and soul. Pressure Cooker has a lot of cooks working together in the kitchen, spicing things up with a dash of trombone, saxophone, flute and an upright bass. Other non-traditional elements are thrown into the stew as well - a little calypso, some jazz and Latin. Even with the diversity of musicians and instruments, the band is able to flawlessly keep the integrity of rock steady reggae...” - Graham Wilson, Boston’s Weekly Dig

"Sweet vocal style of Craig Akira Fujita"

“Pressure Cooker remains firmly and freshly rooted in the purity of original Jamaican ska and reggae. It's firm because of the expert musicianship throughout the band, from rhythm to melody. It's fresh because of the sweet vocal style of Craig Akira Fujita and the eager energy brought to every track by the band.” - Bob Timm,


Pressure Cooker (1999)
I Want to Tell You (2001)
Committed (2003)
Burning Fence (2004)
Future's History (April 2006)



PRESSURE COOKER is Boston’s progressive roots reggae band. The group was founded in
1997 with a shared love of Jamaican music of the sixties and seventies era. Using this inspiration
as a guide, Pressure Cooker crafted its own flavor of new American reggae music,
thoughtfully written and powerfully delivered through a horn-infused, nine piece supergroup.

Pressure Cooker has performed live for nearly a decade, and independently recorded five full lengthreleases. Fronted by lead singer Craig Akira Fujita and backed by a core of talented
Boston-area musicians, the band has thrilled audiences at clubs & festivals spanning from
New England to Chicago. Over the years, Pressure Cooker has played in support of top artists
of reggae music including Burning Spear, Toots & the Maytals, Prince Buster, Derrick Morgan,
The Wailers, The Skatalites, Culture, Eek-A-Mouse, Julian Marley & Sister Carol.

Pressure Cooker music has reached audiences worldwide through DJ’s, distribution outlets
such as CD Baby & iTunes Music store, niche CD compilations in the U.S., Japan, France,
Germany and Poland, and the Chicago label Jump Up Records for the 2004 album Burning
Fence. The ABC Family network included songs from the 2003 album Committed in two
episodes of the television program Knock First. The 2001 release I Want to Tell You was
among the 25 entries considered for Best Reggae Album in the 44th Annual Grammy
Awards. Locally, Pressure Cooker received nominations to the Boston Music Awards in 1999,
2000, and 2004.

For booking, please contact Matthew Walt at Pretty Polly Productions: (781) 894-9600 or

For general inquiries, contact Adam Dobkowski at (617) 519-0085