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Pressure System


Pressure System is Boston's cutting-edge ambient/rock band that features a mix of electronics, drums, and guitar in the style of the Crystal Method and Massive Attack. The founding members of Pressure System were previously in Cxema, one of Boston's most popular industrial/electronic bands.


Pressure System is Boston's cutting-edge ambient/rock band, featuring powerful drums and guitar blended with a mix of electronic sounds and beats. The sound is grooving, stripped-down, futuristic and precise in the style of the Crystal Method, Mouse on Mars, and Bjork. The band also delivers an urban/ambient side reminiscent of Massive Attack and Bill Laswell.

Founding members Doug Vargas and Danny Lee have a rich history in Boston's music scene:

Doug Vargas played guitar for 2 years with Aimee Mann in the punk-funk trio The Young Snakes which quickly grew a devoted following and opened for bands such as Killing Joke, Mission of Burma, and many others. He later worked with Sebastian Steinberg (bassist for Soul Coughing) for several years in an indie trio called Crobar. Doug also performed in the industrial band Cxema where he met Danny. Plus he's done extensive studio work including tracks for TVT recording artist Chainsuck (featuring Marydee Reynolds), and many other live and recording projects.

Danny Lee started his Boston career as the drummer and co-founder of UZI with Thalia Zedek (Matador), which rapidly became a cult-favorite band for their haunting dark songs, and Danny's unique advanced drumming style. Later he founded Cxema, one of Boston's top industrial art-rock bands of all time. Cxema headlined Boston-area clubs for 6 years with an intelligent mix of melody, metal and electronics, and opened for Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, Chris & Cosey, and many others. After Cxema, Danny joined the band El Dopa (Concience Records) featuring Krisha Venkatesh (Think Tree), which toured extensively treating large parts of the US to a highly technical mix of electronics and speed-metal. Danny has also performed with Concussion Ensemble, Deception Bay and Anadyne.

Pressure System also features Vikki Porter on vocals. Vikki Porter sang and played keyboards in the band Barrier Language featuring singer/songwriter Linda Barrier. She also performed in the electro-pop outfit Partners in Flight.

Pressure System is available to play shows in the Boston area and beyond. Please feel free to email for booking inquiries.


Moonwalk, 2005
- Hard Target Media

Set List

Set times typically range from 35 minutes to 60 minutes.