Preston Pugmire

Preston Pugmire

 Sugar City, Idaho, USA


- Voted Music Artist of the Year in Campus Activities Magazine for 2013
- The most booked music act of 7 NACA conferences
- Over 400 shows in the last 3 years

Preston was voted Music Performer of the Year in Campus Activities Magazine for 2013. At his shows, you get beats, guitars, bass, and vocals all being generated simultaneously by just one guy? For the last 4 years, Preston Pugmire has been entertaining audiences all over the US with his looping performance. Electronic floor pedals allow Preston to record anything he plays live, and then layer multiple sounds on top of it, creating an entire song from scratch. He does this right in front of the crowd while keeping them completely engaged and involved.

Much of his success is a result of his clean, high energy act, ability to connect with an audience, and how easy it is to work with him on a personal level. With recognizable covers and instantly lovable original songs, Preston's show is amazing and captivating whether you've seen him one time or ten. It's unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Set List

Set can range anywhere from 30 min to 90 min.