We play a Combination of something very new and energetic.People listening to melodic metal, thrash metal, speed metal will enjoy the music,as it's a complete package with the essence of real Heavy Metal music.Prestorika's- "The Most Confidential Knowledge" released at Canadian Music Week'09.


The power of five of Prestorika got together in 2001, with heavy metal music as their binding factor. Early influences of the gods of metal - Metallica, Maiden and Megadeth, bloomed in the later years to define the characteristic Prestorika shred sound. Making their mark across the country, performing and winning accolades across all major music festivals, Prestorika earned a repute of one the leading heavy metal acts of the nation. In 2005,

Prestorika released a compilation of some of their very early works. The EP was titled Emergence.

Prestorika have since being touring the country, headlining major festivals. Early 2007 has seen them concentrating on writing.

Prestorika has released their album "The Most Confidential Knowledge" at the Canadian Music Week'09 and played along Anvil on the 13th of March'09 at the Velvet Underground,Ontario,Toronto,Canada.

The band played as a support act for The Rasmus in 2005 in Mumbai and Bangalore,India.

Played with Freak Kitchen in Great Indian Rock festival in 2006 in Mumbai.

Played with Wes Borland(Slipknot / Limp bizkit) in 2007.

Played at the Rock In India festival in March 2008 along with Machinehead and Megadeth.

The band is all set to hit the bigger and better stages to show the crowd the power of metal with a entirely different point of view.


The band released their first EP in the year 2005 just before supporting The Rasmus in Mumbai and Bangalore,India.


The band released a single by the name of "Not My WAY" which was home production and was recorded and mastered in not more than 60 Minutes,which is included in "The Most Confidential Knowledge" has some tracks which can be downloaded including 447,Live at GIR'07, Mumbai.

Prestorika released their debut album at Canadian Music Week'09 on 13th of March'09.

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Set List

Prestorika play self compositions only.

Influences are various Metal Gods of the world.

The set involves self compositions,the numbers from our early productions and new self's which are
released in the debut album "The Most Confidential Knowledge"

The band has restricted the covers(depending on the crowd) to two or three and play self compositions only.

The band can play a set of two to two and a half hours.