San Francisco, California, USA

SF lo-fi jingle jangle warm fuzzy all seasons pop


"Friends, there once existed a day where a name really MEANT something, where a firm handshake and a wink would be enough to know a person. Preteen wants to change this, and change it for good: you go to their show; you shake their hand; you meet them; you know them. You put on their record, you feel the warm, fuzzy, voice just beyond your grasp, wavering with the pain of summer love, and you say to yourself, "how neighborly!" There is a smoothness here, a breeze, a sort of saltwater denim charm, but don't let the title of their new EP, 'Keep It Nice', fool you: while Mike Love was busy surfing, Preteen was parked in an Airstream across the street drinking Ripple with his sister, Irene. That's not true.

The guys, straight out of San Francisco, swim with doses of wet reverb, leathery harmonies, and dig in with just enough twang to keep you tapping; 'The Motorcycle Accident' draws you in with its serpentine riff, while the harmonica on 'Song #9' peppers you with a sense of nostalgia for a relationship lost somewhere deep in the past.

We implore you to travel through all of those moments of Polaroid misery in the company of four nice young men who, stocked with an armory of faded campfire melodies and questionable intentions, only want to help you be who you want to be. So go ahead, won't you? They're waiting, and their name is Preteen."


7" - Keep it Nice EP - Self released 8/2011