Pretty G G Pretty
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Pretty G G Pretty

Boston, MA | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Boston, MA
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo R&B Singer/Songwriter


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[ar:Pretty G G Pretty]
[al:Pretty World]
[ti:Pretty Fly]
[au:Guerby Despage]
[by:Guerby Despage]
[00:04.10]She like Pretty, Pretty...
[00:07.73]Says she wanna see Pretty (been a minute right...)
[00:11.58]Says she wanna see Pretty...
[00:16.25]Ooou name another nigga yeah...(Pretty fly shit...)
[00:22.44]Ooou I’m the only nigga yeah... (I’m the only!)
[00:29.15]Ooou name another nigga yeah...(name another!)
[00:35.60]Ooou I’m the only nigga yeah(She like Pretty!)
[00:40.23]Name another fly like me
[00:42.58]Who get high like me,
[00:44.10]And Flip a pie like me, ugh !(oooou)
[00:46.90]I’m that Nigga who just shines so bright(shines so bright)
[00:49.25]And my style real tight
[00:51.05]I’ll take ya girl if she right, yes !
[00:53.38]I’ll give her back by the end of that night...(I give her back!)
[00:59.60]I’ll give her back by the end of the night....(I give her back!)
[01:05.56]Mhmm, yea she mine now(she mine now!)
[01:08.40]And now you know now
[01:10.20]Girls don’t make a sound
[01:11.99]Pretty back back around
[01:14.82]Yeah I’m back around x3
[01:21.55](I know you miss me)
[01:22.84]Ooou name another nigga yeah
[01:26.23]Ooou I’m the only nigga yeah(I’m the only!)
[01:29.31]Ooou name another!(She like Pretty, she like Pretty)
[01:32.71]Flyer than the average
[01:34.54]Nah flyer than the most(most!)
[01:36.36]I ain’t tryna boast
[01:37.66]Baby I can rock ya boat,(boat!)
[01:39.74]Take that ass coast to coast
[01:41.30]Show you how I roll(how I roll!)
[01:42.87]Captain of the ship
[01:44.41]Baby ride this dick slow, ugh !(ride this dick slow girl!)
[01:46.99]Big skippa yeah
[01:48.54]Young flippa yeah(young flippa yea!)
[01:50.11]I be dipper than, dapper dan, any man or woman...
[01:55.04]Where you going hun ?(where you going!)
[01:56.86]Lemme show you something(show something!)
[01:58.67]Pretty never bluffing, (never bluffing!)
[01:59.97]See my style from the heavens so I’m heavenly Fly,(heavenly fly!)
[02:03.34]Got these niggaz praising me like the name was allah! Ahh! (Name was Allah!)
[02:07.23]But I’m all they way Christian, (Christian!)
[02:10.09]So that’s Dior from the trainers to the linen(linen!)
[02:13.24]Yes! I guess Pretty still winning
[02:16.09]Pretty all in it
[02:17.63]Watch Pretty jump in it and go !
[02:22.53]Ooou name another nigga yeah
[02:27.93]Ooou I’m the only nigga yeah
[02:34.63]Ooou name another nigga yeah
[02:43.20]She like Pretty, Pretty...


Feeling a bit camera shy


New on the scene take a step into Pretty's World as he takes you through his journey displaying his style and creativity. Teaming up with Director @M9Visuals giving another detailed Visual. To Pretty G G Pretty originality in this Fashion is dead, lack of originality, so his tribute to the great Designer Christian Dior is his first step in waking this Fashion up! His goal is to take over this Fashion and Music world with his GYB team!

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