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Pretty Boiiz

Middletown, Connecticut, United States

Middletown, Connecticut, United States
Band Hip Hop Pop


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It would seem that CT natives Rocky and J-Rez were destined to create music together. The two met while in school together and that meeting led to their forming the group Pretty Boiiz. The result has been that they are creating a sound that people are gravitating to and enjoying and goes beyond any limits that may be put in front of them.

When talking to the two of them it is obvious they are not only excited about the success they are having but enjoying themselves along the journey as well. "People are listening and joining the movement," J-Rez told me during the phone interview. "That is a good feeling, because it is something we have put our hearts into."

They have definitely come a long way since that initial meeting in 2004. Three years after that they had entered a talent competition when in high school, which led to their meeting their manager. I asked them what it was like to be in their early 20s and already doing what they want to do while so many others their ages are still trying to figure it all out. Rocky told me it was a real blessing, and J-Rez added this: "What is really good is that people like us for us. We're staying true to ourselves and living our lives in a positive way."

The name Pretty Boiiz came about when the two were trying to figure out what would fit them and their style the best. In school they had become known as "pretty boys" for their love of fashion and looking good. In the end it seemed like the perfect description of who they were and what they represented. - Cyrus Webb

Conversations With Music: Pretty Boiiz: Creating Music Without Limits
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Rocawear has been an iconic staple in urban fashion for years and is positioned to script the next 10 years of its epic story. It's not just a brand, it's a lifestyle. With that said, the NEXT campaign celebrates individuals, destinations, fields of endeavor and any and everything, uniquely positioned to elevate the culture. With that said, Connecticut natives, the Pretty Boiiz make it clear that there's definitely more to their state than UCONN. The duo which is comprised of Rocky and J. Rez, first met in their 6th grade band room and their friendship blossomed from that point. Their music is a fusion of diverse, smooth, rhythmic lyrics touching from various genres--with the focus of bringing fun back to music.

The dynamic duo has collaborated with Emmy nominated, Alastair "Gee-Lock" Christopher, garnered over 2 million plays on MySpace and earned a feature in Kim Kardashian's documentary of her trip to Africa! The Pretty Boiiz show no sign of slowing down. With their commitment, outstanding talent, and looks the ladies go crazy over, they're ready to take the industry by storm! “We came from nothing. We built up our own love for music and through the years it’s become stronger and stronger”. Still a work in progress, the two are on their way to the top. “We have music for everybody, whether your 8 years old or 80 years old, you'll enjoy Pretty Boiiz!”, said the Pretty Boiiz.

Make no mistake, the Pretty Boiiz are definitely NEXT! - Roc Nation


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Pretty Boiiz

There’s much more to Connecticut than UCONN. The upcoming rap duo PRETTY BOIIZ are proof of that. Coming from the small city of Middletown, all odds seemed to be against the boys pursuing a career in the music industry.

The duo, comprised of Rocky and J. Rez, met up in the 6th grade band room and quickly became friends. The friendship soon led to the two becoming an unlikely yet inseparable musical match. The years went on and as their high school graduation approached, the two agreed it was time to take their musicality to the next level and so PRETTY BOIIZ was created.

The boys quickly began working nonstop in an effort to get noticed dominating the local scene. The duo began consistently performing at various local events, open mics, talent shows, and festivals throughout Connecticut. Their hard work led to much recognition on some of CT’s most popular radio stations.

With their growing popularity in their home state, PRETTY BOIIZ decided to head to New York City. Their undeniable charisma and stage presence during their performance of “Pretty Boii Fresh” at Manhattan’s popular Sugar Bar led to a collaboration with the Emmy Nominated, Alastair “Gee-Lock” Christopher for the completion of two of their singles’ music videos. Following the collab, “Pretty Boii Fresh” has proven to be PRETTY BOIIZ biggest single, having amassed nearly 2 million plays on MySpace, earned a feature in the documentary clip of Kim Kardashian’s trip to Africa.

From there on it was no longer unusual to see PRETTY BOIIZ on bigger stages across the state with stops at Connecticut’s Bushnell Pavilion, the historical Toad’s Place in downtown New Haven and college campuses across the state. The duo even landed a spot performing at UCONN’s very popular Spring Weekend.

Not allowing their position as one of the most recognized young talents in Connecticut to hold them back, PRETTY BOIIZ hard work helped to lead them to their biggest accomplishments yet. One of which includes multiple features on CT’s most popular urban station Hot 93.7’s website in addition to numerous performances for the station’s events. Early this year the two were featured on the Rocawear Presents: Next website alongside R&B superstar Trey Songz as the winners of Rocawear’s: Who’s Next contest and were named the “Next Musicians”.

Such outstanding exposure has also helped push their YouTube upload views over the one million mark landing them more high profile appearances and performances. In June of this year, Pretty Boiiz woke up with Connecticut as featured guest on Fox 61’s Morning News and closed out the same night as the halftime entertainment for over 7,000 people at the Connecticut Sun’s game in the Mohegan Sun Arena.
A fusion of diverse, smooth, rhythmic lyrics along with production from various genres, PRETTY BOIIZ focus on bringing fun back to music. Versatility has been a key factor in the boys standing out amongst other artists in today’s industry. “From club songs, to love songs, ‘real-life’ songs, motivational songs… it's all here,” says Rocky about their style, which many would consider Hip-Pop.

Full of commitment, outstanding talent, and looks the ladies go crazy for, PRETTY BOIIZ are ready to take the industry by storm! “PRETTY BOIIZ came from nothing. We built up our own love for music and through the years it’s become stronger and stronger”. Still a work in progress, the two are on their way to the top. “We have music for everybody, whether your 8 years old or 80 years old, you'll enjoy PRETTY BOIIZ!”


Cheryllynn McRae White, Manager
Phone: (860) 680-6635