New York City, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

Pretty Boy Family new age street rap music with something everyone to the ladies with songs like mlate night love to hard core street like real life gansta shit a little reggae Bad mon run this is music that covers everyone appetite in HIP HOP


Pretty Boy Family one off the best up and coming rap groups out off Brooklyn New York. The three band members are all first cousins (hence the name Pretty Boy Family) the name was given to them because of there flash dress code born in Trinidad and Tobago moved to Brooklyn at a very young age grew up on hiphop reggae and soca music from artists such a Biggie TUPAC Bob Marley Junior Reed and Wu Tang Clan moved around a bit spent two years in the Bronx then to Bushwick where they were introduced to street life. Most of P.B.F music is off stories from the streets of Brooklyn. For the past four years P.B.F have been perfecting there craft recording and performing at various show cases around New York in 2007 they decided not to wait for a big label to sign them in order to put an album out so with the help of producers such as Tyreek B-don and P.B.F very own BIZZY and various artist from Bushwick and album was formed called THE COMMISSION. This album was haled a under ground classic some say this is what the streets of New York needs to revive HIP HOP a combination off hard knocking beats hard core lyrics a soft side for the ladies party songs and one for the Caribbean massive this album has everything you would need to listen too on a well tough out CD.


1. Extra Clips/ Monsta, Bizzy, Franchise Beat by: Bizzy
2. Real Life Gangsta Shit/ Franchise, Monsta, Bizzy Beat by: Bizzy
3. Bad’Mon Run/ Rude Siya, Bizzy, Franchise ,Monsta Beat by: Bizzy
4. Grown –N- Sexy/ Franchise, Bizzy, Monsta Beat by: Bizzy
5. After Party/ Bizzy, Franchise, Monsta Beat by: Bizzy
6. How you like it/ Steels, Bizzy, B-Don, Monsta, Crystal Beat by: B-Don
7. Don’t Live Like me/ Bizzy, Monsta, Franchise Beat by: Bizzy
8. Late Night Love/ Bizzy, E-Dubs, Monsta Beat by: Tyreek
9. The Struggle/ Bizzy feat.Tiff Beat by: Tyreek
10. Hustle to servive Bizzy, Monsta, Leach Beat by: Bizzy
11. Where the cash at/ Bizzy, Monsta Beat by: Bizzy
12. Where the Cash at remix/ Bizzy, Franchise Beat by Tyreek
13. Gettin It (Produced by Tyreek)– Steelz, Bizzy, E-Dubs, Monsta
14. We Gone Get Em (Produced by Bizzy) - Bizzy feat. Butta
15. When You Got It (Produced by Bizzy) – Franchise, Monsta & Bizzy
16. Playin with my heart (Produced by Bizzy) – Franchise, Bizzy feat. Nay Nay

After Party and the Struggle had some radio air play collage at radio stations.

Set List

Bad’Mon Run
Grown –N- Sexy
How you like
After Party and the Struggle
our set are form 20 to 30 mins