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He Loves That Chapstick

Written By: Jacie Hood and Christine Nicole

Walking through the county fair
Didn't smell the trouble coming in the air
Leaned in for a kiss
When I noticed his chapped lips
I grabbed the answer right away
Didn't know what I had caused
That little thing put our love on pause
'Cause he loves that Chapstick more than me
Straight from his lips I can clearly see
That he loves that Chapstick more than me
Oh, how could it be

Chapstick Kind of Night

Written By: Christine Nicole and Jacie Hood

Tonight's the night I'm steppin' out
Gotta have the luscious pout
She's got her and I've got mine
Lookin' so good that it's a crime
Evr'body know who we are
Open that door step out that car
She be mint and I be cherry
Oh, that guy? His name be Harry
So I'm obsessed at my best
I don't care if it's wrong
Love my lips, love my Chapstick
Everybody's gunna know
That it's a Chapstick kind of night
I'm a star; I am shining bright with my
Chapstick on tonight
Lookin' so crazy outta sight
Friends all around gunna hit the town
Music's got the beat gunna hit the street
Movin' my hips, wanna taste my lips
You know I'm right
It's a Chapstick night
Chapstick Kind of Night

The Cyberstalking Song

Written By: Jacie Hood

The Cyberstalking Song
Cmaj7 G D A

Met my only love
At that hot party
Got really close
and we danced the night away.

Knew you were meant for me
You're all I wanted
I've got a secret
Don't want to flaunt it




Now I'm stalking you
Through facebook
And occasionally
twitter and myspace
You don't realize
how much I like you
So watch out now
I'm cyberstalking you.

Play through E G D Am


Cmaj7 G D A

Spend my free time
googling your name
Checked your status 27 times
It's always the same

Feel like I'm with you
Watching your YouTube videos
All 63 of them
that's how my love for you grows



Bb Am Em Am


Wait a second
Who's that in your profile picture?
She looks like a slightly less trashy version of Amy Winehouse.
You're in a relationship with her?!?


So now I'm stalking you
But it's for real this time
I'm sitting outside your door
Hey that's not a crime

Get those cops off of me
I didn't do anything
But stare from a distance
And so lovingly sing

Oh I'm stalking you
Judge don't lock me up
You may cuff me now
But that won't shut me up

I'll always love you
But now from 300 yards
And well away from
You private body guards.

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