Pretty Ken

Pretty Ken

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Pretty Ken is a name that anybody that really follows the Atlanta music scene and history already knows. Most of your favorite artists from T.I. to Jeezy call on this man to kinda do what Rick Rubin was doing in that Jay-Z “Magna Carta, Holy Grail” but Ken doesn’t lay on the couch…dude really gets in your face and tells you everything you may not want to hear, but needs to hear. Whether you rap or not actually.

He was a founding member of the Attic Crew and personally, I’ve enjoyed pretty much every piece of music he’s made that he let me hear. But over the years he’s put his own musical aspirations on hold…sometimes to help others, other times for his own personal reasons.

Finally though, Ken seems like he is ready to finally put out the album he’s spent his life working on. I’ve heard it in it’s entirety and it’s dope. Real rap for grown ass men. Talking about everything from raising his son and daughter, falling out and falling back in with his closest potnas, being a player, but suffering the consequences that most are too scared to rap about.