Pretty Mouth

Pretty Mouth


A whirling vortex of chaotic discordance; Pretty Mouth utilizes a hardworking Hardcore Punk ethos with a unique and menacing style influenced by various avant-garde bands.


The lovechild of three different bands, Pretty Mouth was born in the summer of 2012 between three Toronto based musicians; and one from the murky depths of Oshawa. Within the bands first 6 months, they recorded an EP, played numerous shows and have had two releases; both garnering much acclaim.

2013 will be another busy year for the band, with a tour, split EP, and full length record. The band will continue to make a mark on the local music scene and hopefully take it further than that.


Working Class Bastards 4-song Tape
Men of the Tie, Men of the Cloth, Men of the Lie EP